A Father’s Search to Find a Cure for a Rare Disease

A family photo of father Keith, who has short brown hair and wears a white shirt, his son Bryson, who has blonde hair and wears a similar white shirt, his wife Laura, who has shoulder-long brown hair and smiles brightly, and his older son Connor, who leans on his moms shoulder and has curly, brown-red hair. On Connor's and Laura's lap is a fluffy brown dog, sticking out its tongue.
Keith McArthur is a father, journalist, kidney disease survivor, and rare disease advocate, who put his life on hold to find a cure for his son Bryson’s rare condition. ABILITY Magazine spoke with Keith about his family’s journey getting a diagnosis, his podcast ‘Unlocking Bryson’s Brain,’ and finding a cure for Bryson’s rare GRIN ... Read more

AB 2283: A Rare Disease Council and Ombudsperson for California’s Rare Disease Population

Jacob Fraker, a young man with short brown hair is standing in a park. He has a beard, wears a blue sweater and smiles. It's a sunny day.
Around 25 to 30 million people in the United States are affected by one of 7,000 rare diseases. Many of them are children, and often, access to adequate health care is lacking. This will change if Jacob Fraker’s AB 2283 is voted into law.  Jacob works as the legislative aid for Assemblymember Susan Eggman ... Read more