Finding a new purpose: Jonathan Ayers donates 20 million to protect wild cats

Saving the Wild Cats by Jon Ayers
After a spinal cord injury, successful businessman and previous IDEXX CEO Jonathan Ayers has found a new purpose in protecting wild cats. Ayers recently teamed up with Panthera, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing innovative strategies to save the world’s wild cat population, and donated $20 million for wild cat conservation measures. ABILITY Magazine’s Karina ... Read more


The phoenix I wheelchair, a ultra-light carbon fibre wheelchair
The ultra-lightweight, intelligent Phoenix Instinct wheelchair from the UK wins $1 million in prize money through the global Mobility Unlimited Challenge by the Toyota Mobility Foundation in partnership with Nesta Challenges.  The Mobility Unlimited Challenge was launched in 2017 to drive innovation in the field of assistive technologies for people with lower-limb paralysis. Around ... Read more

‘Lego Oma:’ German grandma creates Lego ramps to access buildings and imagination

Mona loves her new ‘Frozen’-themed ramp: A small child with shoulder-length brown hair in a wheelchair gives Rita, a woman with short blonde hair and also in a wheelchair, a thumbs up.
Most Germans have heard of Rita Ebel, better known as the ‘Lego Oma.’ The 62-year-old lady with the short blonde pixie cut and a Hessian dialect is known all over the world since her wheelchair ramps made entirely from Lego have become a tourist attraction in the city of Hanau, Germany, and beyond. Rita ... Read more

New Netflix Series Cast Young Girl Wheelchair User in a Leading Role 

Netflex casting
We can’t announce who it is yet, but someone who reached out through ABILITY Magazine just got cast in the NetFlix “The Power of Dude” show! _________________________________ CASTING: A new Netflix series is searching for a young girl that is a wheelchair user to play one of the lead characters.  She must authentically use a ... Read more

Katherine Beattie – Skate Park Fun

Katherine Beattie -Dropping In. Beattie in wheelchair and helmut sitting at the edge of a skateboard ramp
By day, Katherine Beattie is a television writer whose name graces the credits of big hits like NCIS: New Orleans and Californication. But when she’s not shredding up her keyboard, she’s shredding up something else—skate-parks. And she’s promoting using a wheelchair. Katherine Beattie isn’t just known for her work in television. She’s also an ... Read more