Teaching the Next Generation of Riders

Catching Up With Motocross Champ Ashley Fiolek

Last year an ex-pro motocross racer, Stefy Bau, approached me about doing a training program/TV show in conjunction with sponsor Italy Red Bull. I thought it would be a lot of fun to meet new girl riders and to hang out in Italy.

The short TV show was called Red Bull Moto Chix. The idea was to bring in 10 girls who wanted to ride, but didn’t know how. Stefy and I would teach them and train with them for three days. Then, on the final day, they would have a short race. Whoever won would go to MX Des Nations, a huge race held in a different country each year, with moto teams from around the world competing against one another.

When we first showed up at the training place, my dad and I couldn’t believe it. It was huge and old, made up of wood and bricks, and looked a lot like Cinderella’s castle. We all got rooms and stayed there and hung out when we were not riding. I think it was a great chance for the girls with more experience to hang out with girls who were just getting into riding and racing. I like to talk to younger riders who have the same dreams as I do.

Everyday, Stefy and I would pick different sections of the track, and explain to the girls how to approach them, and what different skills and techniques they should use. Then I would actually show the girls how to do it on my bike. All of the girls had a chance to practice and ride, and then I rode with them.

The girls really seemed to appreciate the tips that Stefy and I shared with them, and even though the days were long, we all had a blast! At the end of our class and the filming, everyone was sad to go. It was a great learning experience for everyone.

Red Bull has also been putting on a girls’ ride day for the last two years here in Gainesville, FL. Tarah Geiger (another pro moto racer) and I go out for about four or five hours and ride with the girls, who are here for a big amateur national race at the Gatorback Cycle Park.

We talk to the young women and their parents before the start of ride day, offering suggestions for how they can improve. My dad and Colleen Millsaps, of Millsaps Training Facility, were also there to talk to parents and answer any questions they might have about training or about their daughters becoming professionals. Then Tarah and I ride with the girls and help them out with whatever they would like to work on.

The more I get into riding and racing, the more I realize that one day I will retire. I really enjoy teaching younger motocross racers, and after doing the TV show and the Red Bull ride day, teaching is something I may consider as a second career. It is a good feeling to pass down your knowledge of something that you love to do to young girls who love the same thing.

By Ashley Fiolek

Ashley Fiolek teaching the next generation of riders at Red Bull Moto Chix, Italy
Red Bull Moto Chix, Italy


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