The Woke Left has Taken Away People in Wheelchairs Hiding Their Legs Under a Raggedy Blanket

older wheelchair user

America used to be a place of freedom. A place where you could call an adult man “stumpy Stewie” because he lost his hand in a factory accident. And a place where you could send neurodivergent women to the hysteria ward just for funsies. Wheelchair users back then had the decency to cover up their legs with some janky fabric so we didn’t have to look at them, but now the woke left has taken that away too.

If the differently abled community (can’t even call ’em handicapped any more) insists that we treat them respectfully, can’t they at least meet us halfway and cover up those lazy leggies? If they want to let them loose in the privacy of their own home, that’s their right. But like, children in the grocery store don’t need to see that.

Handicapped people — er, “special needs” people need to understand that our nation was built on values, and one of those values is shame. If these roller-chair fellas had even one decent bit of shame, they’d understand those atrophied knees are not for everyone. Blankets aren’t even that expensive.

The issue is a slippery slope too. Once we get used to seeing wheelchair users’ legs, blind people are going to stop wearing sunglasses, and people with weird scars are going to stop using thickly caked foundation to hide that shit. Is that the future you want, America?

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by Steven Verdile

Steven is the creator and editor-in-chief of The Squeaky Wheel. He lives in New York City with his girlfriend, spending his mornings drinking iced coffee and his evenings binging television and seeing musicals. An advocate for authentic representation in media, he created The Squeaky Wheel to amplify disabled voices and bring humor to the nuances of living with a disability.

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