Three Weeks in Europe

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Hey everyone, I’m writing this from New York City because the legendary Carnegie Deli is my dad’s favorite restaurant ever, and it’s closing down in December after almost 80 years. So that’s why we are here. Can you tell that my family loves to eat? Ha ha.

I’m just back from Europe with my friend Lindsey. It was one of the absolute best times of my life! We got to try a lot of different dishes in each country we went to, including Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and London. We stayed for three weeks, and really enjoyed London a lot because it’s a lot like New York City and they speak English.Ashley Fiolek Women's MX

At the beginning of our trip, Lindsey and I both got super sick for three days and were stuck in our room for two of them. It was awful, but fortunately we survived by taking a bunch of meds and sipping plenty of hot tea, so we could get back to exploring the world beyond our hotel.

Austria is one of my favorite countries; it’s just gorgeous. We found this cute Irish pub there, which was a lot of fun because the bartender spoke English and came to talk to us. We were supposed to stay in Austria for two nights, but as we were driving the hour or so from Salzburg to Hallstatt that first morning, it started to snow.

We were panicked inching along in our rental car through the mountains.

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Afraid that we might get stuck in a blizzard, we kept heading south to Gemona, Italy, about 70 miles north of Venice. There we celebrated with a really good glass of red wine, so it was all good. Our last few days were spent in Italy and then London, before heading back to the states.

It’s really nice to be back home, but I think we’re ready to go back already. Maybe after the holiday season. Enjoy everyone and stay safe.

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