“Dead End Drive” short film, long on talent

A fun sized short film “Dead End Drive” is LIVE so if you’re hungry for some entertainment, it’s just a click away. Starring ABILITY Magazine friends Tobias Forrest, Eileen Grubba and Austin Basis. Executive producer David Zimmerman and directed by Alexander Yellen. Video with Captions: Video with Audio Descriptions:

Abigail Hawk — Authentic Representation is Long Overdue

Abigail Hawk, known for her roles in “Blue Bloods”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and Distemper recently appeared in the new independent film, “Daruma.” Hawk plays Anna who is a supporting role to two authentically cast disabled leading men. Tobias (Toby) Forrest plays “Patrick”, a paraplegic, and John Lawson plays the grouchy neighbor ... Read more

There’s Something About Peter — Interview with Peter Farrelly

Known for his cinematic hits such as “Dumb and Dumber,” “There’s Something About Mary,” and the Oscar-winning “Green Book,” Farrelly has consistently transcended the status quo by authentically representing people with disabilities in his films. His commitment to inclusivity not only reflects the realities of life but also enriches his work by offering audiences ... Read more

Kenton Hall – My Bipolar and Getting Where I Needed to Be

Kenton Hall is a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, author, and proud dad of twin daughters, and he has just released his double album “Idiopath” and “Omniopath,” featuring 33 1/3 tracks. Hall also has bipolar disorder, diagnosed after he ran away from his abusive parents from Canada to the UK as a teenager. ABILITY Magazine’s Karina Sturm ... Read more

Morgan’s Wonderland — An Accessible Fun-der-land

While splashing in a hotel pool in 2006, Gordon Hartman’s daughter, Morgan, approached some children. Unable to speak, she tapped a ball at them eager to play, but they backed away cautiously. The moment both saddened Hartman and made him determined to find a place where people like Morgan, who have cognitive or physical ... Read more

Laura Hogikyan — The Play’s the Thing

Circa 2010-11 Some seventeen-year-olds draw inspiration from teen idols. Laura Hogikyan, a freshman at Harvard University and accomplished playwright, looks elsewhere. “When I think about who inspires me, it really does come down to family, friends and teachers,” Hogikyan said. “Big-name figures are just too far away to really be inspirational.” Hogikyan’s play, The ... Read more