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Senator Markey Demands Elon Musk Reinstate Twitter’s Accessibility Team

Twitter, a multi-million user social media platform is at the center of controversy once again. This time its Accessibility Team is at the core for concern. Under Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, Twitter’s Accessibility Team has been eliminated and Senator Edward J. Markey has taken action in form of a letter to Musk. Twitter ... Read more

DIAL – Covid-19 Center Supporting People with Disabilities

For many people, the pandemic seems over. They have been vaccinated and are going back to their regular lives. For people with disabilities, on the other hand, not much has changed. Especially those who belong to the “vulnerable population,” those at high risk of developing severe symptoms if infected with the virus, are facing ... Read more

Win the Movin’On Challenge 2022 with your inclusive design

Have you ever won a design competition? If yes, congratulations. Maybe you want to try again! If not, there is always a first time, and here is your chance! The Movin’On Challenge Design is open for entries for their annual competition and looking for innovative new ideas to “help create a world with more ... Read more

Lachi: Fighting for accessibility and inclusion for musicians with disabilities

Lachi is a blind singer and songwriter. However, more than that, she is advocating for talent in the music industry. A few weeks ago, she was part of the 2021 panel on disability and inclusion. Together with renowned violinist Gaelynn Lea, Oscar-nominated songwriter Siedah Garrett, singer and guitarist Ryan Nelson, hip-hop artist Namel ... Read more

Alan Toy as President Roosevelt in NBC’s Annie Live!

Alan Toy, an actor on stage and screen and a Leader in the Disability Community, was chosen to play the role of the iconic commander in chief President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in NBC’s holiday spectacular “Annie Live!”  As one of the most beloved and biggest musicals in Broadway history and the winner of seven ... Read more

CVS Health Agrees with Disability Advocates and Stops Supreme Court Case

The supreme court case CVS v. Doe came to an end when CVS Health sat down with the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and the National Council on Independent Living and decided to work together to seek ... Read more

Paralympics wins with Panasonic Robots

2020 is a year we couldn’t forget no matter how hard we tried. Covid-19 took over the world in the blink of an eye, putting everyone’s plans on hold, and causing every soul to hold their breath, waiting to exhale into what we would hope to be normality and familiarity of the world we ... Read more

Universal Design Summit 7

Inclusion Fusion Registration Now Open! The virtual Universal Design Summit will take place on September 29 through October 1. This is a leading conference in North America exclusively dedicated to universal housing and communities.  The Summit is a unique educational program and conference that aims to promote UD principles in public places, housing and ... Read more

The US Department of Justice Brings Lawsuit Against Texas to Stop Senate Abortion Bill

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Delivers Remarks Announcing Lawsuit Against the State of Texas to Stop Unconstitutional Senate Abortion Bill Remarks as Delivered — September 9, 2021 Last week, after the Supreme Court allowed Texas Senate Bill 8 to take effect, I said that the Justice Department was evaluating all options to protect the ... Read more

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation — Empowering Youth with Disabilities

The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF) is seeking proposals focused on its vision to empower youth with disabilities to lead productive lives through increased employment. Proposals should present effective, scalable strategies to prepare youth with disabilities (<26) for the workforce, which helps them successfully transition to inclusive, competitive employment. Preference is given to projects ... Read more

abilityE Reel Spotlight

Introducing: DeBorah, our first abilityE Reel Spotlight! @reeldeborahm Would you like a chance to be in the Spotlight? Here are the guidelines: Create your 30 second video using Instagram Reels.1. Set time limit from 15 to 30 seconds.2. Introduce yourself, first name or stage name only.3. Include your unique talents, skills, recent credits, clips and/or ... Read more

240 athletes join the Tokyo Paralympics as Team USA

The pandemic has caused extensive disruptions in most people’s lives. For athletes with disabilities, who worked hard to be prepared to compete in the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020, COVID interrupted their careers, and their incredible athletic efforts weren’t acknowledged and celebrated. However, finally, after more than a year-long wait, the 240-member 2020 U.S. Paralympic ... Read more

17.7 Million Americans with disabilities voted in the 2020 election

Elections are critical events for people with disabilities. However, despite having a lot at stake and wanting to vote, access barriers have kept many people with disabilities from participating in elections. An unexpected consequence to the pandemic, the 2020 election became more accessible, which seemed to have boosted voter turnout, a recent study by ... Read more

Online Career Fair for Job Seekers with Disabilities

The United Nations Development Programme – UNDP joins other leading recruiters looking to expanded their disability diversity outreach. The UNPD works in over 170 countries and is hiring world wide. If you’ve ever wanted to work at the United Nations here is your chance. On July 22nd, will host a virtual career fair ... Read more

Casting Call: male 10-14 with limb loss — series regular

#Casting Call! Hello parents, if your son is 10-14, with single leg limb loss and can walk with prothesis, sign up on and grab the chance to get him cast. No acting experience required. Character background: He is confident enough (and naïve enough) to think he can do it all, see it all, and have it ... Read more

100,000 people with autism participated in study to uncovering genetic causes

One in 54 children in the US has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, ASD is challenging to study due to the varying presentation between individuals. SPARK (Simons Powering Autism Research) is determined to change this. The world’s largest autism research study just passed a milestone at its fifth anniversary: 100,000 people with autism ... Read more

New study finds brands must prioritize accessibility and inclusivity to reach people with disabilities

It’s no secret that people with disabilities aren’t always considered when it comes to the accessibility of different services, whether that’s a missing ramp in front of a restaurant or a lack of ALT texts for images online. Current Global, MAGNA and IPG Media Lab conducted a study to determine where the access barriers ... Read more

New feature for people with physical disabilities to control their TV with their eyes!

Since the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, the quality of life for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has improved in many areas. Cox Communications, in partnership with the Team Gleason Foundation has unveiled a new feature that allows people with physical disabilities to control their TV with their eyes. This accessible web remote ... Read more

Google launches Live Captions on Google Chrome!

Exciting news for all people who are hard of hearing or deaf! Google just launched their live captions technology for the web, a big step forward in terms of accessibility of the internet for all people with disabilities. In 2019, Google started to offer live captioning for Android devices, creating access to content across ... Read more

RV Parking Ban Effecting Homeless and People with Disabilities

The ACLU Foundation of Northern California, Disability Rights Advocates, and the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County filed a class action lawsuit against the city to strike down a law that bans RV parking within city limits, on behalf of five Pacifica residents who reside in RVs. Lawsuit Condemns City’s Effort to Banish ... Read more