Blake Leeper — Medal Winning Sprinter Chasing Down His Dreams

The first time ABILITY spoke with Blake Leeper the multi-medaled Paralympian blade runner and world record holder who was striving to become the world’s fastest man, was early 2016. Since then Leeper has experienced setbacks and challenges yet remains determined to compete. ABILITY’s George Kaplan reconnected with Leeper to catch up on his new ... Read more

Christoph Glötzner, the Young German Paralympian, Racing Towards Gold!

60, 59, 58 – Christoph Glötzner can see the countdown ticking down on the large black clock right in front of him. 57, 56, 55. He’s wearing a yellow and black suit and holds ski poles in each hand with mini skis attached at their ends. The athlete in front of him had just ... Read more

Athlete Brenna Huckaby Talks Gold Medals, Cancer, and the Paralympics. 

Three-time gold-winning Paralympian Brenna Huckaby went from surviving bone cancer to becoming a world class snowboarder. Huckaby, classified as SB-LL1 snowboarder, found her category phased out from the 2022 Winter Paralympics and took action. In January, she won a court ruling against the International Paralympic Committee, allowing her to compete in SB-LL2 events where ... Read more

Paralympics — A Leg Up on the Competition

Circa 2011 It also became clear several of the US sprinters had been doing some hard work. This was most evident in the cases of Tatyana McFadden and Jerome Singleton. McFadden dominated the running events, winning four gold medals and a bronze, while Singleton came back to the United States as the fastest amputee ... Read more

Still Swinging — An Inside Look at Adaptive Golf

Circa 2011 Not everyone plays golf quite the same way. Tiger Woods swings a club differently than Jack Nicklaus, and Jack Nicklaus’s game is nothing like Arnold Palmer’s. Golfers with disabilities add their own twist to the sport: They use adaptive equipment that allows them to participate on the same courses, while following the ... Read more

Major League Baseball — Playing With A Disability

Circa 2009 Many athletes with disabilities have succeeded on the professional playing field. Probably in no other professional sport is this truer than in Major League Baseball. Few fans are aware of the number of these players who have succeeded in the majors. This may be because of the athletes themselves, who either downplayed ... Read more

Paralympics wins with Panasonic Robots

2020 is a year we couldn’t forget no matter how hard we tried. Covid-19 took over the world in the blink of an eye, putting everyone’s plans on hold, and causing every soul to hold their breath, waiting to exhale into what we would hope to be normality and familiarity of the world we ... Read more

240 athletes join the Tokyo Paralympics as Team USA

The pandemic has caused extensive disruptions in most people’s lives. For athletes with disabilities, who worked hard to be prepared to compete in the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020, COVID interrupted their careers, and their incredible athletic efforts weren’t acknowledged and celebrated. However, finally, after more than a year-long wait, the 240-member 2020 U.S. Paralympic ... Read more

Mallory Weggemann — Paralympic Athlete, Producer, Author

2021 was supposed to be an off-year for Mallory Weggemann. She should have recently competed in her third Paralympic Games. She should have been focusing her time on family. She should have been planning for having children. And she should have had some extra time to promote her newly released memoir, Limitless: The Power of ... Read more

NBCUniversal announces unprecedented programming of Paralympic Games 

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the most important events for high-class athletes all around the globe. They train for years to compete for their countries and win a medal. Olympics, Paralympics – both showcase the world’s elite athletes. There really isn’t much of a difference. However, historically, media coverage of the Paralympics has ... Read more

New design by Staki provides people with disabilities the joy of skiing

Eva, who has multiple sclerosis (MS), can now ski easier than walking Press Release: Ms. Eva has been struggling with multiple sclerosis (MS) for nearly thirty years. It primarily affects the mobility in her right leg. Although her diagnosis is overwhelming, she has been trying to devote herself to sports in her spare time ... Read more

Athletes with disabilities competing at the IRONMAN: successes, failures, inclusion and accessibility

The IRONMAN triathlons are among the most physically and mentally demanding endurance challenges on the planet. Athletes from every corner of the world compete: many fail, others succeed. ABILITY Magazine spoke with Tricia Downing, Roderick Sewell, Minda Dentler and Carlos Moleda about their athletic achievements as paratriathletes. Additionally, Bob Babbitt, founder of the Challenged ... Read more

Joe Pantoliano, aka Joey Pants

Jun/Jul 2012 ABILITY’s Chet Cooper met up with Joe Pantoliano, aka Joey Pants, at a Belgian restaurant in New York City recently. The popular character actor has appeared in such films as Risky Business, The Fugitive and The Matrix. His skill at playing scumbag mobster Ralph Cifaretto on the hit HBO series The Sopranos ... Read more

John C McGinley — Down the Right Path

Dec/Jan 2011-12 While John C. McGinley is best known for roles on TV’s Scrubs, and the films Wall Street and Platoon, he also works to raise awareness about Down syndrome, stop verbal bullying and promote better opportunities for people with disabilities. He and ABILITY’s Chet Cooper recently met up at McGinley’s home in Malibu, ... Read more

Howie Mandel Interview

Jun/Jul 2011 Howie Mandel may be fashionably bald now, but as a teenager he brushed his hair in the girl’s bathroom (where we met his future wife), used a blacklight to scour his room for germs, and took thousands of showers, owing to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Today Mandel says his off-kilter adolescence helped pave ... Read more

Bob Saget Interview with Regina Hall and Chet Cooper

Apr/May 2011 Since losing his sister Gay to scleroderma, Bob Saget has served on the Scleroderma Research Foundation’s board of directors, and today hosts the organization’s charity-packed benefits around the country. He sat down with ABILITY’s Chet Cooper and Regina Hall to discuss his upcoming benefit, “Cool Comedy/Hot Cuisine,” and shared insight into how ... Read more

Karah Behrend and the Rebelle Rally

Karah Behrend is all about breaking down barriers. She’s an adaptive athlete who not only completed the grueling eight-day, off-road Rebelle Rally—her first time ever—but the medically retired Air Force veteran placed second. With Behrend behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, made accessible with hand controls to accommodate her, and her teammate ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — MX schools

Its summer time and my MX schools are rocking out! As I mentioned before, my classes have been on the East coast this summer instead of on the West. I’m excited to be over on the East, less driving for me and the weather has been beautiful! My first class was in Illinois. I ... Read more

The Vineyard’s Voice

Before it was known for the ferry ride, blue-shell crab and tangerine sunsets, my home, Martha’s Vineyard, was occupied by the Wampanoag Indians. The tribe is still around and has its own trust lands on the southwest part of the Vineyard. The Island is about 20 miles long east to west, not even as ... Read more

Breaking the Mold — Ashley Fiolek

Whew, hot summer so far! Florida has been sweltering, but I still love it here. My family and I kicked off the summer by heading down to Orlando and hitting up some hotels, so we could hang out at the amusement parks. Universal opened up a new “economy” hotel and we wanted to check ... Read more