United Nations – Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (9CSP CRPD)

Panel: Tec Talk: Brilliant New Designs in Assistive Technology, Ease of Use & Multi-media

(L to R) Rowee Benbenishty, Lia Martirosyan, Paul Albano, Chet Cooper, Sophi Kravitz and Dr. Bryan Wolynski
(L to R) Lia Martirosyan, Rowee Benbenishty, Paul Albano, Chet Cooper, Sophi Kravitz and Dr. Bryan Wolynski

The panel focused on innovations in assistive technology, ease of use and multi-media; Discussions aimed toward increasing inclusivity in community and work environments. Speakers presented current and future products and ideas that contribute to leaving no one behind. The session promoted open interaction with attendees.

Lia Martirosyan – Lia is a business person by study and creative by nature. Her ventures include writing, music and awareness building through projects of ABILITY Corps and ABILITY Magazine.

Rowee Benbenishty – Rowee joined Sesame as COO following 16 years of management in various fields, during which he gained experience and accreditation as a leading manager of complex systems and versatile teams. Rowee has extensive experience in multidisciplinary management and problem solving and has created methods for technology-oriented team management based on empowerment of individuals and teamwork. Rowee holds a Bsc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University, where he also co-founded a start-up hub for students.

Paul Albano – Paul is a Senior Manager at Canon USA in their Business Imaging Solutions Group. Mr. Albano has responsibility for marketing Canon’s accessibility solutions, and offers insights on the role of office equipment and making technology accessible to the workforce.

Sophi Kravitz – Sophi is the Director of Product at Supplyframe. One of the things she works on is the Hackaday Prize, which is a technology competition for social good. Now in its third year, the Hackaday Prize has motivated thousands of contestants to challenge themselves, and previous winners have been Assistive Technology projects. A former engineer, Sophi enjoys helping to motivate Assistive Technology projects reach their full potential.

Dr. Bryan Wolynski – Bryan has been in the eye care field for over 25 years and practices low vision. He consults on behalf of OrCam Technologies, providing training to low vision patients and other professionals, facilitating clinical research, and providing continuing education on wearable assistive technology. Dr. Wolynski currently maintains a private practice in New York City.

Chet Cooper (Moderator) – Chet is the Editor-in-Chief of ABILITY Magazine. Chet lead this diverse panel of social media experts, users and developers. Chet’s background includes building the first job board for job seekers with disabilities, the first volunteer home builders with disabilities program and the creation of one of the top 50 on-line magazines in the world.

Orcam demo with Lia Martirosyan at the Untiited Nations
Bryan Wolynski demonstrates facial recognition by pointing OrCam (attached to his glasses) toward Lia Martirosyan during the UN presentation.


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