UN Reports On Disability Issues

Here’s a round up of the latest information on people with disabilities coming out of the United Nations:

The World Health Organization and the World Bank will soon launch a landmark World Report on Disability. The report will not only explore the global condition of persons with disabilities, but also offer directions for policy and practice to address exclusion. Chapters of the report will touch on health, education, employment, and beyond. Further, it will demonstrate how removing barriers, investing in rehabilitation, and making environments accessible, can enable millions to participate more fully within society. Click here for more information.

Health is also a key to the AIDS & Disability-Partners Forum, which will be held at UN Headquarters. Co-sponsored by such organizations as the Global Partnership for Disability and Development (GPDD), UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), the Forum will enhance integration of an inclusive and accessible approach to AIDS programming for persons with disabilities. Click here for more information.

A panel discussion will be held at UN Headquarters titled “The nexus between disability, education and employment”. The discussion will highlight the findings of a study conducted in Nepal and review the moral, social imperatives of including persons with disabilities in the labour market, as well as show that it is good economics. Click here for more information.

An event titled “Education for All: inclusion of children and persons with disabilities” will highlight the findings of the first World Disability Report and explore the barriers facing children with disabilities in their access to education and ways to foster inclusive education which benefits all children. The panel will also discuss options for strengthening mechanisms for collecting data and information on children with disabilities who may be otherwise unaccounted for in national statistics on education and school enrolment. Click here for more information.

The universal popularity of sport and the physical, social and economic developmental benefits derived from it, make it an ideal tool for fostering the inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities. Expert panellists will highlight the importance of sport in presenting disability issues in a manner that could dispel negative and archetypal stereotypes while promoting the rights of persons with disabilities. Click here for more information.