Samsung Paralympic Showcase

Vision Enhancing Relúmino Needs to be Seen

samsung relumino

Experiencing how the vision-enhancing Relúmino application works in conjunction with Samsung Gear VR – powered by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – while visiting the Samsung Paralympic Showcase in South Korea

Relúmino, named for the Latin word meaning ‘to return back the light’, is now a visual aid app for people with low vision.


Relúmino is a visual aid app used with virtual reality devices for people with low vision. By running the Relúmino app on a mobile phone connected to a wearable Samsung Gear Virtual Reality (VR) device, the world can be seen more clearly through the rear camera of the mobile phone. 

Animated gif of a mobile phone attachinging to a VR device using Relumino

Mobile phone attaching to a Virtual Reality Device and using rear-facing camera.   Source:

Users with Low Vision

A person with a view of FC 5~10 inches (meaning a person can count the fingers within 5~10 inch distance from his or her eyes) has the best results from Relúmino. With persons who cannot recognize objects within FC 5~10 inches of their eyes, Relúmino may not be of any help. The effect of Relúmino depends on each individual based on their symptoms.

User Experience

For users within the FC 5~10 inches, devices that run the Relúmino app can have astounding results. With connected devices Relúmino can help:
  • filter out glare and improve contrast.
  • invert color schemes, for example, when reading print.
  • assist in filling in missing areas in user’s field of vision (scotoma).
  • bring clarity through outlines of distant, obscured objects.