James Sullivan World Bank Jamaica Short Film

World Bank – Film Screening at the United Nations

James Sullivan World Bank Film Screening: Sullivan and Jamaican man sit chair to chair talking in front of a colorfully painted wall.At the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in June, ABILITY Magazine, ABILITY Corps and the World Bank co-hosted a panel and two film screenings. The attendees were shown two short films, A Different Approach, about the advantages of hiring people with disabilities, and a film by panelist James Sullivan called This is What Happens When You Send a Disabled Filmmaker to Jamaica, based on his recent trip to Jamaica to discover how people with disabilities in the poorest countries manage life, work and play.

After the panel, Lia Martirosyan interviewed on Facebook Live with Sullivan, an animator and filmmaker for the World Bank. Also had a chat with Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, a human and children’s rights lawyer, USAID’s Coordinator for Disability and Inclusive Development (appointed by President Obama), and Disability Advisor at the World Bank. Below are excerpts from their conversations.

Lia Martirosyan: How does the World Bank approach disability?

Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo: I think for us at the World Bank, the importance of disability inclusion comes by way of reaching our two goals. One goal is to reduce extreme poverty, and the second goal is to boost shared prosperity. And in order to do that, we need to make sure that we leave no one behind and that we include persons with disabilities.

We have a range of sectors at the Bank. We work on a whole host of issues: education, health, nutrition, mining, energy, transport, and social development. I think in all of those issues there are potential entry points for disability inclusion. And what’s important right now in the time and space that we’re in at the Bank is not so much about convincing colleagues about including persons with disabilities. It’s more about giving colleagues information, good practices, and knowledge on how to do this. And so the how-to piece is really important.

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