ASL Interpreter Joins Ashley Fiolek’s MX School in Helena, Montana

Ashley Fiolek is midair on her motorcycle flying over dirt hills

It’s been a crazy busy summer! I have already done two MX schools and I will soon be doing a 3 day ladies ride camp at Cycle Ranch in Texas. My most recent school was at Last Chance Raceway in Helena, Montana I had about 13 riders it was a lot of fun. My friend Shelli helped me interpret again and she is always fun to hang around with. We hit a few breweries and different restaurants on our drive up there and back. That is always a nice adventure to try out different spots.

This August I will be going over to Sweden for the Ride Cake finale. That should be exciting, that is when I will get to ride on the electric bikes again. I am excited to see everyone and to have another chance to ride on those amazing bikes.

Fiolek instructing young motocross riders on a flat dirt area

In September I will be going to Luxembourg as a guest. They will be having their first supercross ever and they have invited some of us racers to go over to watch and to promote their race! That should be a good time.

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In addition to doing classes and attending different races I have been enjoying the summer weather and have gone on a couple of camping trips. It’s so beautiful here in Utah to be able to do that. Even when its super hot if you are up in the mountains its cool we have also gone tubing and the water is super cold, but feels great! I sold my house in California and to celebrate Lindsey and I went to Las Vegas we had a lot of fun there. We enjoy gambling, but didn’t win, oh well. I have always wanted to go to this restaurant in Vegas it’s called X Pot. Whenever we have been our friends didn’t want to go. This time it was just Lindsey and I so we had the chance to go its the most amazing Asian food. I highly recommend it if you have the chance to get to Vegas.

That’s all for now I will update you all on how the classes and races went next time.

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