Cryptic Messages

Image of Tales from the CRYP71C M3553G3, a cryptic message in greenA cryptic remark has a hidden meaning and is understood only by those for whom it is meant. A cryptic code is a language system understood only by those who are familiar with the code. A cryptic reply is a very brief response conveying little and not plainly understood. And a cryptic message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, is usually intended to send a specific message to one person, yet at the same time broadcast it to everyone.

If truth be known, I am probably the princess–if not the queen–of cryptic messages, although I do not believe I always was. As a kid, I basically took everything at face value. My first time around the rodeo, I never questioned if there was a hidden message or agenda behind what I perceived. It wasn’t until high school that I began to detect that sometimes there were layers to messages, and began to wonder what someone or something really meant beyond what was being communicated. That being said, I can safely say that being able to add layers of meaning is a form of intellect acquired with maturity. Although some people don’t “get it” and never will.

Something that can mean more than one thing requires a way of thinking that challenges our perceptions and forces us to look beyond the obvious. Babies do not come into the world and question their surroundings, like “Hmm, I wonder why my pacifier is pink. What does this really mean?” We’re born trusting completely and this, in my opinion, is the hallmark of cryptic messages. In order to develop the skill, one must first experience lack of trust. The more we do not trust something or someone, the more we look for what may be hidden.
I personally developed trust issues in high school and began to question more as a result, rather than blindly believe everything and everyone. This can be a good quality to have, if not taken to the extreme, where we destroy a sense of trust in all things. ...
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