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ABILITY Magazine cover Starbright

Get Rich Quick – Humor For Health

Circa 1995 I’m still awake at around 2am because my blind date stood me up. and I’m wondering if I should just fall asleep in the Barcalounger or make a pot of coffee and stay up all night watching some really awful John Wayne movies on TV, so I keep channel surfing and this ... Read more

Sunrise Homes

Circa 1995 When Las Vegas home builder Craig Johnson was at the University of Maryland, he took a class in rehabilitation therapy. To get the full impact and feeling of what a physically disabled person experiences, he navigated the campus for a month in a wheelchair. “I’ve never forgotten the obstacles a disabled person ... Read more

Breast Cancer in Pregnancy

Circa 1995 Tn the past, cancer of the breast during pregnancy was thought to be an ominous disease. As Dr Haagensen suggested in 1943, “Carcinoma of the breast developed during pregnancy or lactation is so malignant that surgery cannot cure it often enough to justify this method of treatment. We pre fer to classify ... Read more

HSA – Scuba

Circa 1995 The scariest moment in the world is when the water goes over your mask. Forget about learning how to navigate in a wheel chair. Never mind learning how to drive a car in city traffic. These are nothing compared to the prospect of breathing underwater.. The first scientific fact most of us ... Read more

American Association Of People with Disabilities

Circa 1995 UNITY, LEADERSHIP and Impact… the unequivocal response from both John D. Kemp and Paul Hearne when asked, “If you had three words to best describe AAPD, what would they be?” Hearne and Kemp are newly elected officers of the new nonprofit organization, the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), based in ... Read more

Starbright – VR Playscape For Hospitalized Kids

Circa 1995 Steven Spielberg wants hospitalized kids to score touch downs, venture through secret doors, slide down rainbows and rummage around mysterious caves all while still in the hospital! And soon they’ll be able to with Starbright World, a unique project now under development that connects kids via computer in a remarkable way. Now ... Read more

Computer Safety And Ergonomics

Circa 1995 If you are an owner or a manager of a company with people spending hours every day at a computer-and how many businesses don’t fit that description today? then you have an urgent issue to face: Ergonomics. The potential for disabling cumulative trauma injury from computer use or, more accurately, improper computer ... Read more