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Dick Parson -Time Warner Community Citizenship

Time Warner’s President, Richard D. Parsons spoke with Chet Cooper about their nationwide volunteerism program and how the company encourages as well as rewards community involvement, stressing that corporate America needs to keep reaching its helping hands out to the very communities that support it. Chet Cooper: The recent excitement generated by President’s Summit ... Read more

Storm Reading – Access Theater

When Access Theatre started in 1979, the company was like something out of a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland plot line-the absolute embodiment of grass roots theater. Artistic director Rod Lathim was 21 years old, and the first show was funded with $2000 from the City of Santa Barbara. Eighteen years later, Access Theatre completed a ... Read more

Family and Disability

 No one ever plans on having a disability. When an individual is severely affected by injury, accident or illness it has an enormous effect on not only their own life, but on those closest to them-which almost invariably involves the family. Before an individual who has recently acquired a disability can get back to ... Read more

Asthma And Allergy

Breathe deep. Fill your lungs with air and exhale slowly. Relax and rejuvenate. You can’t? Do you have trouble catching your breath sometimes? What about wheezing and coughing, especially after exercise? If this happens to you, you could be experiencing warning signs of asthma. Other signs are frequent shortness of breath, tightness in the ... Read more

Workforce Diversity

DIVERSITY INCLUDES DISABILITY Workforce diversity has become a major management strategy for many employers in the 1990’s because it makes good business sense. A diverse workforce gives companies a competitive advantage by enabling them to better meet the needs of their customers, successfully compete in the global marketplace, and hire from an expanded labor ... Read more

Vint Cerf – The Father of The Internet

Often called the “Father of the Internet,” Vinton (Vint) Cerf was one of the early pioneers of inter working computer programs. However, he doesn’t really consider himself the father. “That’s not quite right,” Cerf says of the title, “I was part of a team working with Bob Kahn on the ARPANET, the predecessor of ... Read more

Shot Model Management – Nice Shot

When Curtis Gunn opened The Shot modeling agency, he took his first step toward a goal to educate advertisers about the positive benefits that could be obtained by using models with dis abilities. At first glance you may not be aware that the models have disabilities, but this is his intent. His objective is ... Read more

Princess Diana

Apart from my sisters, estranged from my mother, I am a woman alone in a house of men who secretly call themselves princes…whose small foot conveniently fills the slipper of glass. The woman writer, the lady umpire, the madam chairman, any one’s wife. I know what I know. And once I was glad of ... Read more