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Running Laps – Max Gail Part II

“…a circle around the common good, and that running laps is something we do individually and collectively whenever we create that circle of teaching/learning.” In the first part of Running LAPS I shared the story of the evolution of a vision that I have been in service to for the last seven years. I ... Read more

Harris Wofford – A leader of Community Service

Harris Wofford has been a major force in the shaping of the American community. He began the journey as a teenager in Scarsdale, New York, during World War II, when he formed the Student Federalists, a national organization preparing for an anticipated world government. While a private in the U.S. Army Air Force early ... Read more

Art Metrano – “The Accidental Comedy”

Pathos, joy, all that comes in between… We all experience the crescendos and diminuendos of the song of life with varying heart and rhythm-but it is all the same background music. Art Metrano joins his audience in his tears, their tears, his fears, their fears, his laughter and theirs in his poignant “Accidental Comedy,” ... Read more

Theater In Motion – A different kind of Activism

When I was in my early twenties, my fourteen year-old brother and I went to the theater to see a national tour of a Broadway musical, which was playing in a nearby town. We drove several hours with the whole family in tow. Onstage, in a featured role, was a beloved family friend. We ... Read more

Session.EDU – E Learning can be Anywear

Morten Solhberg is the founder and CEO of, the first online school of visual communication and new media. Prior to developing three years ago, he served as a professor of advanced digital design at Parson’s School of Design and a senior design consultant for Visual Persuasion in New York In 1994, he ... Read more

Dumping Computers – At issue; Donated Computers

At a time when funding for educational technology is under fire on Capitol Hill, it’s hard to oppose a well-meaning piece of legislation designed to increase the number of computers in the nation’s K-12 schools. But as currently drafted, the proposed New Millennium Classrooms Act is not only bad public policy, it could also ... Read more

Torch Relay – Spirit of the 10th Anniversary of the ADA

There is a flame on a journey across purple mountains majesty. from sea to shining sea. A flame passed on from hand to hand, from person to person-people. People with purpose. with Spirit. Belinda Wells While the new millennium marks a celebration of a thousand years passing, it also fetes the passage of a ... Read more

Healthful Hints Q & A – Art as a Healer (Poems)

ART AS A HEALER Artists have always known intuitively what science is just beginning to discover: that creating through any medium will eventually produce physical, emotional and spiritual benefits for both the creator and the connoisseur. Art speaks the truth to us. Its communication is pure, authentic and genuinely reflects the spirit of the ... Read more

Humor Therapy – The Clumsy Klum

Donald Klum had the innate ability to have no ability at anything. On his eighth birthday his father bought him a model airplane to assemble. Within hours, Donald had glued his fingers to his lips and his lips to his shoes. On his ninth birthday, his mother gave him a chemistry set. Several days ... Read more