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Running Laps – Max Gail Telling His Story

“…a circle around the common good, and that running laps is something we do individually and collectively whenever we create that circle of teaching/learning.” So there I was at a stoplight, pencil in hand and a pad of paper on the seat, clustering the key words in search of the name for this Great ... Read more

Dana Reeve – An Interview

To American audiences today, the graceful image of Dana Reeve T is perhaps most often associated with her role as the loyal, loving wife of actor. Christopher Reeve We frequently see Dana at her husband’s side-a true life-long companion in marriage and in Christopher’s recovery from the spinal cord injury he sustained in May ... Read more

Autism – With a Message From Anthony Edwards             

“We were meant to ride together above the crowd. People look at us, they admire us, know we are different, but they cannot be like us.”. (from “To my Young Autistic Son at the Fair, Poems From the Heart, Rochelle, Sandy.) According to the Autism Society of America (ASA), “autism is a complex develop ... Read more

Care For Caregivers

Diagnosis of an illness or debilitating disease for a loved one drastically Changes the lives of at least two people the one with the diagnosis and the one whose life is committed to caring for them. The National Family Caregivers Association has developed four principles that can serve as a life preserver for the ... Read more

Mine Survivors – A journal from Georgia to Georgia Part II

This journal will form an account of my October, 1999 trip to Tbilisi, Georgia, to work on improvements in the rehabilitation of amputees who are land mine survivors. After we had seen all the amputees available that day, the men from the trauma center took me out for a supra, the traditional Georgian dinner. ... Read more

Playground – Dr.s Swing into Action for Access & Safety

Orthopedic surgeons traveled from across the country to spend March 14th, building a 3,428-square-foot accessible playground at Magnolia School in Orlando, Florida so children with disabilities could play. A public school, Magnolia serves hundreds of kindergarten through 12th grade students, most of whom have physical and/or mental disabilities. Many students use wheelchairs. The school’s ... Read more

Humor Therapy – TV is out of this world

Skeeter worked in the field since he was knee-high to a mole, well, a lanky mole. His father, Scooter, had been a soybean farmer all his life. When Skeeter was twenty-two tragedy struck the family. One hazy afternoon, his dimwitted father perished after trying to blast some chiggers off his shin with a twelve ... Read more

Universal Design – The Works of Bell Atlantic & Others

In an informal roundtable, corporate leaders and advocates for people with disabilities explore a not-so-distant future in discussions ranging from personal experience to ultimate technical goals. When Karen Gourgey walks down the street, she knows she can contact anyone immediately on her cell phone. Big deal, you say? Gourgey, who is blind, no longer ... Read more