Hope Allen Issue

ABILITY Magazine Cover with Hope Allen

Winds of Change

Circa 2003 The day began with a storm, the likes of | which not many in the southern part of A Greece had ever seen. The torrential winds howled through the majestic ancient pillars of the Acropolis, and in the city of Athens below another fierce wind was howling in the new Megaron Concert ... Read more

Peter Farrelly

Circa 2003 When I first saw Peter Farrelly, it was at an awards ceremony like none I’d ever seen. The event was the Media Access Awards, and the winners were either members of the media who best represent the disability community or individuals living with disabilities themselves who were being acknowledged for outstanding performances. ... Read more

Hope Is On The Way – An Interview With Hope Allen

Circa 2003 In the last 12 years ABILITY Magazine has interviewed and associated with some of the most I remarkable and noteworthy people of our time including screen legends such as Kirk Douglas and Christopher Reeve, civil rights leaders like Justin Dart, Jr. and Harris Wofford, and political figures including Presidents George W. Bush ... Read more