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The Practice- Interviews with Christopher Reeve & Cast

The year was 1995 and host to events that have shaped American history and culture. Friends, a new comedy about six close friends living in New York City, won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy Series in its first season. Terrorism became personal with the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building ... Read more

Stem Cell Research – Interview with Dr. Kierstead

While it never quelled the commitment of researchers, treatments for complex diseases such as paraplegia, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis were elusive, if not seemingly impossible. These perceptions changed when three years ago, Dr. Genie Compton at the University of Wisconsin discovered the first stem cells in humans. This remarkable, breakthrough discovery of human embryonic ... Read more

Recipes Healthy Eating to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

DIETARY CHOICES PLAY AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN REDUCING CANCER RISK Cancer is not a single disease, but the generic name for more than 100 dis eases, all having in common the uncontrolled reproduction of abnormal cells. Although scientists are only now beginning to understand the causes and growth of cancer, there exists a large ... Read more

Caregiver Burnout – Signs and Strategies for Coping

In the midst of her most successful years as a TV executive, Jacqueline Marcell found herself bound by the responsibility of having to care for her elderly parents. Devastated and unimpressed by the available eldercare system, Marcell was forced to leave her career and sell her family home to provide 24-hour care to her ... Read more

CES – Connie Stevens’ Celebrity Extravaganza

The Heart and Soul of Jackson Hole Known as “the last and the best of the old west,” Jackson Hole is nestled between the Teton Mountain Range and the Gros Ventre Mountains in the northwestern corner of Wyoming. The scenic and rustically beautiful town has a modest population of approximately 6,000 people, but the ... Read more

President’s Community Volunteer Award Winners; Chet Cooper, Ernst Katz, Amye L. Leon and more

As the world faces uncertainty in turbulent times, volunteerism has emerged as a tool to fight the fragmentation growing within communities, unite citizens and to make that world a better place. Together, the Points of Light Foundation and the Corporation for National and Community Service are working to make volunteerism a priority for every ... Read more

AFB/FJB – Vision Loss Symposium

Little Timmy Thompson sits and listens politely as his seventh grade geography teacher drones on about latitude, longitude and the equator: Okay so maybe Tinmy just looks as though he is listening. In reality, he is far, far away, pondering what it would be like to ride an elephant or go on an African ... Read more

James D. Wolfensohn – President of World Bank

HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? A magazine opens to the heartbreaking image of an emaciated child longing for food, medicine, warmth and the promise of a future, and the page is quickly turned. A television commercial shows the poignant picture of an HIV positive child who is clinging to life and the channel is ... Read more

CSUN – Adaptive Technology Conference

Imagine a life free from sour milk chunks. Envision a world without pink loads of laundry–where one rogue red sock amidst the sea of whites won’t reek havoc in the laundry room. Create a scenario in your mind where the injection of a few ‘nano-chips’ could potentially destroy a life-threatening tumor. Sound like science ... Read more

Humor Therapy – She Flies Through the Air

Due to their simple vocabularies and lack of sophisticated grammar, young children often hear things incorrectly-song lyrics and so forth. Certain words and sentence structures are not yet in their repertoires, so they substitute whatever makes sense to them, often with amusing results. For instance, I have a friend who, before she learned to ... Read more