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Jamie Schubert — Whoop De Doo To Cancer

Circa 2007 Cancer can be fought in many ways—with surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.—but Jamie Schubert decided to add motocross. Whooping cancer isn’t just a question of battling the disease—it’s about making positive choices. Motocross riding keeps Jamie’s spirits up, and so does his decision to spend quality time with his 14-year-old Supercross-hopeful son, Tyler. ... Read more

Recipes — It’s Greek To Us

Circa 2007 DIETARY CHOICES PLAY AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN REDUCING CANCER RISK GREEK CHICKEN WITH TOMATOES, PEPPERS, OLIVES AND FETA Lemon, mint and a garnish of crumbled feta cheese bring the flavors of Greece to this easy chicken dish. If fresh Roma tomatoes aren’t available, canned tomatoes will provide the same cancer-fighting nutrients and ... Read more

Tom Olin — Chief Photographer of the ABILITY Movement

Circa 2007 It was a humid autumn night in New York. The volume began to lower on those finishing up the workweek, and rise on those welcoming a night on the town. One could hear the streets sing a melody all their own: horns honking in seemingly well-rehearsed rhythms; slivers of conversation chiming in ... Read more

Patients Beyond Borders — Budget Surgery Abroad

Circa 2007 In his new book, Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody’s Guide to Affordable, World Class Tourism, author Josef Woodman offers a comprehensive manual for how you can see the world and get many of your surgical needs met—all at a cost that may be cheaper than having the procedure done at your local hospital. ... Read more

Cynthia Basinet — Finding Her Voice

Circa 2007 As a child, Cynthia Basinet found that her thoughts were often scattered. As she grew older, she learned to focus and go deeper within. From that still place inside, she began to seek her own counsel and listen to her own voice. What she didn’t realize back then was that she was ... Read more

Ty Pennington — From ADHD To ABC

Circa 2007 Now going into his fifth season as host of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington’s brand is expanding nearly as quickly as the Starbucks folks can throw up a new java joint on the next corner. The designer not only made the leap to a hit show, he recently opened his ... Read more

Breast Cancer — Think Pink And Grace Wright

Circa 2007 The breast-cancer-awareness message wrapped in a pink ribbon and distributed by celebrities and sponsors is now as recognizable as that ubiquitous green-and-beige coffee shop on every corner. Companies from the Hard Rock Cafe to Chevron, and from Estée Lauder to Fuji, give the cotton-candy-colored loop exposure as they cozy up to the ... Read more

Green Pages — Recycling 101

Circa 2007 How many times have you found yourself staring vacantly at a yogurt tub, dry cleaner bag or empty bottle of salad dressing and thinking, “Hmmm… Can this go in the recycling bin?” I know I’ve been confused by what to do with the various plastics used in food and household products. Which ... Read more

Got Soy? — What’s The Fuss?

Circa 2007 It’s one of the most profitable crops in the United States and its beans morph into a grocery list of items including milk, flour, oil, protein and more. Highly valuable, it brings in billions of export dollars to the nation’s economy. Yet while anything green seems to get the thumbs up these ... Read more

Yoga & MS — Ancient Practice/New Mobility

Circa 2007 The first article I read about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) contained pictures of Erik Small doing yoga poses. The article lit a fire inside of me because it described how yoga had helped him in so many ways. As a yoga instructor, I wondered how much I could help a group of students ... Read more

Matt King — Building Accessibility Into Your Computer 1

Circa 2007 Matt King believes that obstacles are opportunities in disguise. Born with retinitis pigmentosa, an incurable eye disease that gradually destroys the retina and optic nerve, he lost his sight during his freshman year at Notre Dame. Four years later, he graduated magna cum laude with a double major in electrical engineering and ... Read more

Eve Hill — Honoring A Winner

Circa 2007 As executive director of the Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC), Eve Hill has won countless battles for the disability community. But this time she gets the gold star: The Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles (WLALA) recently honored her achievements with a Distinguished Service Award. Nicole Bershon, the incoming president of the ... Read more

Headlines — National Employment Month; PTSD

Circa 2007 REFRESHING IDEA In what some are hoping will become a trend among Fortune 500 firms, PepsiCo, which owns the Pepsi, Frito-Lay and Tropicana brands, recently visited the University of Pennsylvania to recruit students with both physical and mental disabilities, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian. The dinner and formal presentation, sponsored by PepsiCo, ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Wheel Fun!

Circa 2007 If I were disabled and in a wheelchair, I think I would be a menace to society. Just for fun I would race around malls and “accidentally on purpose” run into people. They wouldn’t yell at me or hit me because, come on, I’m in a wheelchair and they would look foolish ... Read more