Kristi Yamaguchi Issue

Kristi Yamaguchi Issue

Articles in the Kristi Yamaguchi issue include DRLC — Seeking Global Human Rights: Headlines — The Accidental Advocate: Green Pages — Ready To Save Money?: Humor — You Don’t Know Jack!: Senator Harkin — Let’s Stop Workplace Abuses: Women’s Health — Give Your Ticker Some TLC: Ashley Fiolek Pt ii — More With The Teen Motocrosser: United Cerebral Palsy — My Child Without Limits: Scott Hamilton — On The Ice, In The Boardroom: Major League Baseball — Playing With A Disability: Sickle Cell Anemia — One Woman’s Story: Crossword Puzzle — Guess Your Best!: Events & Conferences; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences

ABILITY Builds — New Accessible Homes

Circa 2009 Too many people with disabilities assume their options are limited before they’ve fully explored them. Often these perceived boundaries don’t stem from actual physical barriers, but from psychological ones that we impose upon ourselves. Occasionally they are reinforced by well-meaning friends and loved ones who think they are being helpful when they ... Read more

Major League Baseball — Playing With A Disability

Circa 2009 Many athletes with disabilities have succeeded on the professional playing field. Probably in no other professional sport is this truer than in Major League Baseball. Few fans are aware of the number of these players who have succeeded in the majors. This may be because of the athletes themselves, who either downplayed ... Read more

Sickle Cell Anemia — One Woman’s Story

Circa 2009 I was born with sickle cell anemia, a hereditary blood disease that deprives normally round cells of oxygen, and causes them to collapse into a “sickle” shape. This results in restricted movement of blood through vessels, and further deprives the body of muchneeded oxygen. The condition is chronic, lifelong and causes periodic ... Read more

Headlines — The Accidental Advocate

Circa 2009 UNDERSTANDING THE BRAIN  Institute Pasteur researchers have demonstrated microscopic, real-time imaging of the deepest regions of the brain in a freely moving mouse. They are using it to analyze the expression of Green Fluorescent Protein, the protein at the base of this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. “This advance should have profound ... Read more

Green Pages — Ready To Save Money?

Circa 2009 There are things that we may hate to do, even though they’re part and parcel of being a responsible adult: Commuting to work, eating our vegetables, and breaking out the rags for some good, old spring cleaning. But if you consider green alternatives for each of these activities, you might enjoy them ... Read more

Los Al — A Place Military Families Can Call Home

Circa 2009 It’s known as one of the most dangerous areas of Iraq: the Sunni Triangle, an area west of Baghdad, where violence frequently erupts in flare-ups between armed Sunni opposition and the US-led Coalition. In the eye of the storm lies Camp Anaconda. Known as “Mortaritaville” for the regular onslaught of hostile fire, ... Read more

United Cerebral Palsy — My Child Without Limits

Circa 2009 When parents are told that a son or daughter has a developmental delay or a disability, it can be a lonely and confusing time. Suddenly they are faced with a new set of challenges, as well as anxiety about the obstacles their child will likely encounter in the future. That’s why United ... Read more

Kristi Yamaguchi — Here Comes The Neighborhood

Circa 2009 As a little girl, Kristi Yamaguchi watched her big sister, Lori, try ice skating, so of course she had to try it, too. For young Kristi, who was born with club feet, it also proved to be great physical therapy. Though Lori gave the sport the cold shoulder after a couple of ... Read more

Scott Hamilton — On The Ice, In The Boardroom

Circa 2009 When we spoke with Scott Hamilton a few months back, he was just emerging out of a dark place, where he’d faced the challenges of a brain tumor diagnosis. The former Olympic figure skater, who took home the gold at Sarajevo in 1984, has had a checkered medical past: When he was ... Read more

DRLC — Seeking Global Human Rights

Circa 2009 Righting Wrongs Technology has a way of shrinking the world. It’s easy to travel to any place you want, and relatively simple to communicate with anyone anywhere. Because it’s a “small world,” what happens elsewhere affects the United States. This reality compels us to prevent human rights abuses and to end discrimination ... Read more

Jane Krakowski and the AdDRESS Your Heart Campaign

If they can’t get you on health, the folks at the AdDRESS Your Heart Campaign intend to get you on vanity. Over the years, everyone from former First Lady Laura Bush to actress Jane Krakowski have twirled in red frocks as a part of the American Heart Association’s efforts to bring attention to the ... Read more

Moses deGraft-Johnson, MD — Ace of Hearts

When you think about someone getting their heart cut out, you probably think about horror movies. Or done-me-wrong love songs. But snipping out a person’s heart doesn’t necessarily make you mean spirited or low-down. As a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, Moses deGraft-Johnson, MD, “procures” hearts—and lungs— with the best of intentions. With the University ... Read more

PT II — More With The Teen Motocrosser

With her riding skills and a slew of wins, Ashley Fiolek is bringing women’s motocross racing out of the shadows and into the spotlight. At 18, she’s well on her way to changing the face and deepening the pockets of her growing sport. The first woman to ever grace the cover of the industry-popular ... Read more

Senator Harkin — Let’s Stop Workplace Abuses

Circa 2009 Making the Workplace Work Dear ABILITY Readers, For too long, people with disabilities have been vulnerable to exploitation in the workplace. Recently, we got a particularly shocking wake-up call. That’s when Henry’s Turkey Services in Atalissa, IA, was accused of paying employees with intellectual disabilities only $60 a month, even though they ... Read more

Humor — You Don’t Know Jack!

Circa 2009 Oh, the stuff that comes out in the news everyday. First I read that multivitamins may not have any health benefits, and then I read that vitamin D lowers the risk of heart problems in teenagers. Forgive me for biting the hand of science, but does this apply to Flintstone Vitamins, too? ... Read more