Kristi Yamaguchi Issue

Other articles in the Kristi Yamaguchi issue include DRLC — Seeking Global Human Rights: Headlines — The Accidental Advocate: Green Pages — Ready To Save Money?: Humor — You Don’t Know Jack!: Senator Harkin — Let’s Stop Workplace Abuses: Women’s Health — Give Your Ticker Some TLC: Ashley Fiolek Pt ii — More With The Teen Motocrosser: United Cerebral Palsy — My Child Without Limits: Scott Hamilton — On The Ice, In The Boardroom: Major League Baseball — Playing With A Disability: Sickle Cell Anemia — One Woman’s Story: Crossword Puzzle — Guess Your Best!: Events & Conferences; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences

Jane Krakowski and the AdDRESS Your Heart Campaign

If they can’t get you on health, the folks at the AdDRESS Your Heart Campaign intend to get you on vanity. Over the years, everyone from former First Lady Laura Bush to actress Jane Krakowski have twirled in red frocks as a part of the American Heart Association’s efforts to bring attention to the ... Read more

Moses deGraft-Johnson, MD — Ace of Hearts

When you think about someone getting their heart cut out, you probably think about horror movies. Or done-me-wrong love songs. But snipping out a person’s heart doesn’t necessarily make you mean spirited or low-down. As a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, Moses deGraft-Johnson, MD, “procures” hearts—and lungs— with the best of intentions. With the University ... Read more

PT II — More With The Teen Motocrosser

With her riding skills and a slew of wins, Ashley Fiolek is bringing women’s motocross racing out of the shadows and into the spotlight. At 18, she’s well on her way to changing the face and deepening the pockets of her growing sport. The first woman to ever grace the cover of the industry-popular ... Read more