Kathy Ireland Issue

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Articles in the Kathy Ireland Issue; Humor — Love Hurts; Ashley’s Column — Back in the Saddle; Sean Forbes— Not Hard To Hear; Gunshot Wounds — Bullet Points; ABILITY Best Practices Award — Sprint; Blind Fishing Boat — New Fishermen Take the Bait; Yahoo — Expanding the Digital Highway; Rehabilitation — Hitting New Strides; Terri Cheney — A Plea for Innocence, growing up Bi-Polar; Kathy Ireland — A Model Businesswoman; Heart Transplant — An Uncommon Cardiac Connection; Leigh Brill — Excerpt From A Dog Named Slugger; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences

Alan Brightman and Yahoo’s Accessibility

Circa 2011 In the ever-expanding arenas of home computing, business technology and Internet navigation, access to information is today more critical than ever. ABILITY’s Chet Cooper and Liz Angeles sat down with Yahoo’s accessibility experts Alan Brightman and Victor Tsaran to discuss how the technology pioneer is changing the way people with disabilities connect ... Read more

Sean Forbes— Can You Hear Me Now?

Circa 2011 As a successful songwriter, an accomplished percussionist, and the co-founder of Deaf Professional Arts Network (DPAN), Sean Forbes experiences music in a way most of us can only imagine. In an interview with ABILITY’s Molly Mackin, Forbes discussed his unique career and how his deafness prompts him to tackle the world of ... Read more

Humor — Love Hurts

Circa 2011 Finding that right somebody is hard. Some would say it’s impossible. I’m with that “some.” The two sexes are just so different. For instance, whenever I wore one of my brother’s shirts, he never cared. But, boy, you’d think the world were ending if my sister caught me wearing one of her ... Read more

Gunshot Wounds — Bullet Points

Circa 2011 Bullet in the Head It may be the title of your favorite Rage Against the Machine song, but it is also a grim reality in our society. Recently, the murder rate in many of our major cities has been on the decline. Yet, our 2nd Amendment rights preserve our “leadership” in the ... Read more

Dr. Rymer and Robotic Interventions in Rehabilitative Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries

Circa 2011 In addition to being fertile soil for big-screen thrills, the field of robotics is playing an increasingly crucial role in modern medical rehabilitation. ABILITY’s Chet Cooper and Dr. Thomas Chappell recently spoke to W. Zev Rymer, MD, at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. As the Institute’s lead researcher, Rymer works closely with ... Read more

Leigh Brill — Excerpt From A Dog Named Slugger

Circa 2011 PROLOGUE My hands were trembling again. I needed to get M a quarter out of my purse, but my quivering fingers made the task feel as intricate as neurosurgery. It’s always been that way with cerebral palsy-sometimes I just shake. I can’t help it. Still, the tired store clerk waiting at the ... Read more

Terri Cheney — A Plea For Innocence

Circa 2011 In her compelling new memoir, The Dark Side of Innocence, best-selling author Terri Cheney explores the navigation of her childhood and teenage years. ABILITY’s Molly Mackin spoke with Cheney about her book, her inspiration, and her continuing journey with bipolar disorder. Molly Mackin: I really loved your book and its unique voice. ... Read more

Blind Fishing Boat — New Fishermen Take The Bait

Circa 2011 Of all of the many facets of Lawrence Euteneier’s career-lobbyist, inventor, lecturer, dragon boat racer, fisherman-the term “match maker” seems the most appro priate description of the man. But Euteneier is a unique sort of matchmaker. His work is done on the water. He catches fish. Euteneier is the founder of Blind ... Read more

Ashley’s Column — Back In The Saddle

Circa 2011 How did you celebrate the new year? I welcomed 2011 by having the metal plate taken out of my collarbone. This time when I went to the hospital I didn’t have to stay the night, and the surgery was pretty quick. I always seem to have bad reactions to anesthesia, and this ... Read more

Kathy Ireland — A Model Businesswoman

Circa 2011 A celebrated model, actress, and entrepreneur, today Kathy Ireland is CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide (KIW), an enterprise worth over $1.5 billion that offers thousands of products for families and busy mothers. Though Ireland says her modeling days are long behind her, the beautiful mother of three is by no means coasting ... Read more