Katie Leclerc Issue

Articles in the Katie Leclerc Issue; Humor — Jockey: A Horse Tale (Pt. 2); Ashley Fiolek — The Wind Beneath Her Wheels; Sen. Tom Harkin — A Call to Employers; Lasik Surgery — The Eyes Have It; Funny Business — Sue Z. Hart and the Art of Laughter; Water skiing — Mama Does It Barefoot; Paralympic Sailing — Harnessing the Wind; Mercy Ships — Healers on the High Seas; Katie Leclerc — ABC Family Star on Ménière’s Disease; Silver Scorpion — New Breed of Superhero; Ra’Shad Solomon — Model of Persistence; Eating Local — A Four Seasons’ Palette; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences

The Wind Beneath Her Wheels

Lately everyone has been asking me the same questions over and over, so I thought I would bring them up in this column, in case ABILITY readers are wondering the same things. I keep getting asked about my bike set up, because I’m smaller than the average rider. People want to know how I ... Read more