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Janet LaBreck — Interview with Lia Martirosyan and Chet Cooper

As commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration, Janet LaBreck oversees programs that help people with disabilities find employment and live more independently. Prior to that role within the US Department of Education, she headed up the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, which served more than 30,000 people. ABILITY’s Chet Cooper and Lia Martirosyan were ... Read more

Senator Tom Harkin – ADA author and ABILITY Magazine columnist

After 40 years in Congress, ABILITY columnist Senator Thomas Harkin retires in 2015. During the decade he spent in the House of Representatives, and 30 years in the US Senate, he’s unparalleled in the attention he’s brought to disability related issues, and the legislation he’s helped get passed to make America accessible to all. ... Read more

Austin Basis — Beauty and the Diabetes

CW’s hit show Beauty & the Beast is far from the Disney animation film you might remember as a child, rather it’s a fantasy, sci-fi, action series with super-soldiers from an experiment gone dreadfully wrong, as they turn into uncontrollable beasts. Every beast needs a close confidant and that is J.T. Forbes a loyal ... Read more