The Future Isn’t Curing Disability, the Future Is These Two
Threatening Wheelchair Users We Found in a Weird Stock Photo

male and female wheelchair users

Genetic therapies and scientific studies have long been pointing toward a future where nobody is disabled, but a new stock photo indicates the future might be quite the opposite.

The picture shows two individuals who appear to be leading a strange cult of disabled supermodels. They are holding hands, but in a menacing way, not a cute way. Do they ever unlink those cold, oily palms? We don’t know, but experts believe this gesture is a sign of solidarity, symbolizing a unification among disability communities in the future. Experts also note that the models’ designer clothes and emotionless expressions are an indication of wealth and status.

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You may think this is just a weird photo shoot that ended up on the internet, but it is clear that this photo must be an artifact from the future. The most compelling evidence to support this idea is the fact that this disabled couple has clearly hired the lighting designer and camera crew from “Avatar.” But under current societal conditions, a disabled couple most likely couldn’t afford this, as it would force them to spend in excess of Medicaid’s $2000 asset limit.

While this snapshot gives a few insights into the future of disability, it has sparked more questions than answers. The photo might have you asking yourself, “Are those models actually disabled?” and “Would they be open to becoming a throuple?” We don’t know, but we hope so!

by Steven Verdile

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