Ashley Fiolek — A Whirlwind of Overseas Racing and Fun

Whew this month has been crazy for me! I raced in the Ride Cake finale in Sweden and when that was finished I got back home for just a couple of weeks and then headed back over to Europe again! We traveled to Belgium and Luxembourg. Belgium to visit racing friends of mine that I have known forever and Luxembourg for their first supercross race!

Serge is the guy who hosted the whole Luxembourg race and he wanted some familiar American race faces over there to help promote the whole race. He was very kind and he bought me and my wife Lindsey?s tickets to be at the race and also he let us arrive a week before so that we could visit with my second family the Gooverats!

The whole trip was pretty wild, I’m used to traveling overseas for racing, but this trip seemed very complicated and confusing! It was wild because we had to take a train from Paris to Belgium and no one can help us because they don’t speak English and obviously they cannot sign haha… also our plane was very delayed so we had to change all of the train reservations that I had. The Gooverats actually wound up picking us up at one of the train stations so we didn?t have to take the whole train trip!

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The family also planned out a little trip like we were local’s which was a great experience. It was like we were not tourists just local Belgium people! We got to stay at their house and hang out. My friends son Jace had a blast with us and we played with him at the house all the time.

We had to travel to Bouillon for Gino (he is the Father of the family) he was entered into an enduro MTB race and it was awesome to cheer him on since he used to be my mechanic back in the day when I used to race in Europe! That is how we met and then I became close to his daughters. We also got to drink some amazing beers and gin cocktails and got new tattoos too.

When our trip in Belgium ended we drove to Luxembourg, it is only about 2.5 hours so that was not bad at all. It was very cool to be part of their first super cross ever. I got to have an autograph session and I was lucky that I have a bunch of great sponsors who gave me plenty of cool giveaways to all of the fans there. Everyone loved it! Serge did an amazing job with his first experience to host a supercross race. All of the set up was amazing and I feel like the fans loved it and had a great time. I hope there will be another super cross event there next year.

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