Tammy Duckworth Issue

Tammy Duckworth issue

Go West Old Man

It isn’t very often I get free travel days to ride my motorcycle wherever I want. All of my travels are going to charity events or to motorcycle industry trade shows. At rallies I am usually sharing my story of living with MS or delivering a seminar on what to carry in your saddlebags ... Read more

Corinne Furman — Actress, Advocate, Hungary & Ukrainian Dog Rescue Supporter

British actress, Corinne Furman, wants “the younger generation to dream big, to learn that anything is achievable, no matter what disability someone has.” Corinne struggled to be successful in the UK’s education system and was frustrated that her test scores did not reflect her knowledge. Corinne focused her education in the performing arts and ... Read more

Interview with Professor Arlene S. Kanter

For over 40 years, Arlene Kanter’s been leveraging laws to combat institutionalization of persons with disabilities. She founded the Disability Law and Policy Program (DLPP) at Syracuse University, one of the largest, most prestigious disability law programs in the world, and participated in the negotiations of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons ... Read more

Storytelling with Brandon Kazen-Maddox and Patricia Alvarado Núñez

“As an able-bodied person, I’m, like, hyper-able-bodied. I dance and speak all the languages. But I facilitate communication and I come from the deaf community. It’s something that’s very deep in my heart.” muses Brandon Kazen-Maddox, a multidisciplinary artist whose work is powered by ASL. Fresh from the 100th episode of Stories from the ... Read more

Watermelons Are Not Strawberries

Sandra Bacchi’s photographic memoir navigating motherhood in the face of food allergies and learning challenges. Bacchi’s monograph, “Watermelons Are Not Strawberries”. The imagery is a photographic memoir about the ups and downs of parenting and the surprising lessons about acceptance and healing we can learn from our children. THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT Sarah Kennel ... Read more

Tricia Malowney — Now My Journey’s About Empowering Others

Tricia Malowney formally retired in the year 2000, but today she’s the Chief Accessibility Advocate to the Department of Transport in Victoria, Australia and a member of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Independent Advisory Council. “I still do this work because I want to work,” she said. “I’m already empowered. Now my journey’s ... Read more

Tammy Duckworth — Senator, Soldier, Advocate, Mother

Grit and determination have been driving forces throughout Senator Tammy Duckworth’s life. As a young child, Sen. Duckworth experienced the bombs and shelling of war while living in Cambodia during the Vietnam conflict. Her father, a WWII and Vietnam Veteran, was working there as an aid worker for the United Nations. Sen. Duckworth and ... Read more

Improv for Live

Hi Folks, My name is Melinda Chilton. I live in Los Angeles, where I have been studying, performing, and teaching improv for several years. I have a question for you to ponder. Have you ever wished that when you woke up in the morning, there would be a script for your day lying next ... Read more

Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFT, Metaverse and More with Greg Parker

A few years ago, ABILITY Magazine sat down with Greg Parker about his company Raketu and his work creating new Deaf communication applications for Sprint. Greg is a software entrepreneur, astrophysicist and pioneer in many technologies. Greg has been busy and we now chat with him about his work with blockchain, NFT, Meteverse and ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — A Whirlwind of Overseas Racing and Fun

Whew this month has been crazy for me! I raced in the Ride Cake finale in Sweden and when that was finished I got back home for just a couple of weeks and then headed back over to Europe again! We traveled to Belgium and Luxembourg. Belgium to visit racing friends of mine that ... Read more

Tammy Duckworth Crossword Puzzle

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