Naomi Judd Issue

Rite Start Scottish Rite Children’s Medical Center

Circa 1995 Ashley May was born three and one half months premature and weighed only one pound, one ounce. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she suffered from seizures until she was two years old, when a fever from a viral infection actually stopped her convulsions. As she grew older, she couldn’t walk or eat any ... Read more

Child Violence- A Doctor’s Viewpoint

Circa 1995 Violence is an American problem of epidemic proportions. Violence affects all segments of American society and crosses all boundaries of age, sex, race, ethnic identity, socioeconomic status, and geography. Americans can no longer move away from violence, or shield themselves from violence by running to safe communities. Violent behavior is everywhere. The ... Read more

The Interview

Circa 1995 How many times have you walked away from being interviewed and wondered if you really answered what the inter viewer was asking? How often have you interviewed someone and at the close of the conversation realized that you know very little about the applicant, only because you’ve talked when you should have ... Read more

Americans With Disabilities Act

Circa 1995 An employer may not discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability because of the disability, in any employment practice, or any term. condition or benefit of employment… An employer may not deny an employment opportunity because an individual, with or without a disability. has a relationship or association with an individual ... Read more

Interview with Naomi Judd

Circa 1995 Deep in the woods, on her thousand-acre farm in Tennessee she calls Peaceful Valley, there’s a place where Naomi Judd steals away to meditate. “I go there to be alone and surrender my burdens. It’s a sacred spot,” she says from her bedroom south of Nashville. For someone who calls herself “the ... Read more


Circa 1995 “you’ve got to hustle and bustle” About three years ago, Kurt “Thumper” Levee sat down and said. “Okay, I’m gonna do this, and if I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna go all the way.” He was refer ring to his career as a drummer. Since making that ambitious vow. Kurt’s talent has ... Read more

Visions Of Gold

Circa 1995 Then Mark Lindsey races, W he does not see the track ahead of him. He does not see, clearly and directly, the asphalt or other surface rushing beneath the spinning wheels of his bike. He does not see the horizon. He does not perceive the empty expanses or the filled enclosures. He ... Read more