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Dispelling Myths – The Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that is opening the doors to the mainstream of life for the 49 million Americans with disabilities. There are many misconceptions surrounding ADA. Listed below are the most commonly heard myths and the facts. Assumption: ADA suits are flooding the courts. Fact: The ... Read more

The Life and Times of Coach Ramblin

Humor Therapy In the early 1940’s a man emerged from the collegiate depths to coach a newly formed professional football team. His name was Coach Grey Ramblin, a pugnacious man with a stern dedication for winning, talking, and talking about winning. Among some of the traits he possessed was a deep knowledge of football, ... Read more

Prescriptions For Laughter – Alan King

As a child Alan King’s son wrote in school, “Everybody likes my father. they laugh at him, and he sleeps a lot.” Everybody, includes quite an extensive list of personalities in King’s recently published memoirs, Name Dropping: The Life and Liex of Alan King. Among those laughing with and at Alan are the likes ... Read more

Yoga In Bed

You teach yogurt? Six years after getting my first yoga teacher certification, I’m getting used to hearing the joke but it still makes me chuckle. Although yoga’s been around for over 6,000 years, many people are hearing the word for the first time. My mother tells me that she “took some yoga lessons” while ... Read more

Letter To 20/20 – By Tony Coelho

PRESIDENT’S COMMITTEE ON EMPLOYMENT OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES July 31, 1996 Mr. Victor Neufeld Executive Producer 20/20 147Columbus Avenue, Tenth Floor New York, New York 10023 Dear Mr. Neufeld: John Stossel’s recent 20/20 effort, “Getting in on the Act was one of the most biased stories have seen since the Americans with Disabilities Act ... Read more

Post-Polio Syndrome

In 1953, when most other 11 year-old girls were jumping rope and playing with dolls. Joanne Hunt was lying in a San Diego hospital bed with polio, completely paralyzed for six terrifying weeks. Doctors predicted she would not walk, complete school or ever have children. Nine months later, Hunt left the hospital, walking with ... Read more

The Fountain Of Youth? Hormones

Thy do some people in their sixties look, act and feel vigorous and energetic, while others need help just to get through the chores of daily living? A good part of the answer may lie in their hormones… The “golden years” are a time when senior citizens are supposed to be enjoying summer tennis ... Read more

Pearl Of Wisdom

Two years ago, I was called before the audience at an International Diabetes Center Seminar. My accomplishment? I’ve had diabetes for thirty years. I felt very awkward. Being a young, blond graduate student, my awkwardness intensified when two. elderly, white-haired men joined me on stage. I guess they had survived thirty years of diabetes, ... Read more

Simple Back Problem Solutions

The human spine (or backbone) is made up of small bones called vertebrae. The vertebrae are stacked on top of each other to form a column. Between each vertebra is a cushion known as a disc. The vertebrae are held together by ligaments, and muscles are attached to the vertebrae by bands of tissue ... Read more

Two Weeks In Atlanta – Paralympics

After having his leg amputated just above the knee, due to an injury from a school playground accident, Al Mead asked his mother, “Why are you crying, Mom? It’ll grow back won’t it?” It wasn’t long before the nine-year-old realized that he wouldn’t need his leg to grow back to return to the playground. ... Read more

Doug Bady at Large

If actor Matt LeBlanc. of “Friends,” can model catalog clothes, why cant controversial comic Doug Bady? LeBlanc fronts for Saks Fifth Avenue. Bady’s. spokesmodel for X-Large, the rock band-owned retailer-wholesaler manufacturer of duds aimed at hip Generation-Xers “Two years ago, if you’d told me I’d be doing fashion modeling. I’d have said you were ... Read more

Training’s a Beach – Deanna Sodoma

After taking home two bronze medals in the marathon and the 10.000 meters from the Paralympics in Atlanta DeAnna Sodoma isn’t taking much time off to rest or reflect on her achievements, Training is a routine as brushing my teeth,” she says, which includes lifting free weights, race cycling, swimming and interval training. Just ... Read more