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Natalie Glebova Miss Universe
Natalie Glebova Miss Universe

Paul Orfalea – Kinko’s Founder Speaks About Dyslexia

Paul Orfalea, founder of the most successful American copy store chain, is a maverick. For 30 years as the CEO of Kinko’s, until his retirement in 2000. he ran his company in a manner much different from most traditional, MBA-gilded chief executives. His office boasted no volumes of statistical charts, no stacks of business ... Read more

Employment – Creating a 30-Day Plan

Evan felt frustrated. After being laid off by a university cafeteria service due to cutbacks. he sent out resumes and applied for jobs for a full nine months-with little to show for it. Despite his 20 years of experience, no one was calling him back. He wanted to get back into the workforce, and ... Read more

Volunteers with Disabilities – It’s All About Inclusion

Google search for the term volunteer returns more than 200,000 links to websites around the world, with information about how to individuals can contribute hours and days-and for the real go getters, months and years-to service for their communities, their country and their world. In his 2002 State of the Union address, President George ... Read more

Accessible Smiles – Dentistry for All

One in seven Americans is paralyzed by a fear of dentists to the extent of avoiding dental care altogether. These individuals sometimes endure years of severe pain and infections before grudgingly seeking help. An even greater number of Americans who have severe medical conditions, dementia or other disabilities are offered only dentures or tooth ... Read more

Natalie Glebova – An Interview with Miss Universe

When Natalie Glebova decided to enter the Miss Canada pageant, some of her friends discouraged the idea. “You’ve no shot of winning.” they told her. Why the dismal forecast? Unlike most contestants. Glebova wasn’t a native Canadian-she was born in Russia and had moved to Toronto with her family when she was 12. Despite ... Read more

Panama Canal Cruise – Holland America Line

Envision yourself on one of the world’s premiere cruise lines, exploring some of the most exotic islands and picturesque seascapes on earth. In sharp contrast to the modern world of cars, buildings and smog, imagine grassy green vistas and cloud-free blue skies. See yourself canoeing through lush rain forests, snorkeling in isolated lagoons and ... Read more

International Travel – Ten Minutes ’til Takeoff

From sea to shining sea-that is, the Baltic and Caspian Seas. The concept of world travel is becoming less and less foreign to people of all ages, and to teenagers and young adults especially. Anything from leisure travel to goodwill excursions, from semesters of study to summer-long work experiences there are few limitations when ... Read more

Serving The Military – Homes for Our Troops

As Gunnery Sergeant Michael Knowlton scrolled through pictures he took during his deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom, one photo in particular stood out. The image-all too familiar to Americans who have stayed tuned in to the reports returning from the front lines-was that of four U.S. Marines and the engine blown out, the result ... Read more

Humor – Clean Up on Aisle 5!

“Help me. Just help me.” The panicked look on my face clearly has no effect on the bargain vultures grabbing at 99-cent pasta just a few feet from me. How stupid do I look sprawled here on the floor in the middle of the aisle for no apparent reason? Nobody sits on the floor ... Read more