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Childhood Obesity — The Skinny on a Big, Fat Problem

Circa 2008/09 As Sharon Rowland’s weight climbed to 210 pounds, she worried that her children would follow her example, especially her oldest girl. “She likes to eat, and I was concerned about that,” Rowland says of Kylah, now 12. “I also wondered if she was getting enough exercise.” It’s a concern shared by parents ... Read more

Brain Tumors — From A to Z

Circa 2008/09 Recently, Senator Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While he is 76, a person can get a brain tumor at an age. Let’s explore what a tumor is. First the basics: A tumor can arise in virtually any part of the body, and is a collection of cells that have ... Read more

Scott Hamilton — Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

Circa 2008/09 Many of us recognize Scott Hamilton as the Olympic figure skater who took home the gold medal at Sarajevo in 1984. But fewer know that when he was about two, he contracted a serious illness that made him stop growing for several years. Later, that condition was corrected, but he went on ... Read more

Motorcycle Vets — Speeding Into The Danger Zone

Circa 2008/09 Each day a report comes to Stan Dutko Jr.’s office, and each day he gets more frustrated. The report is the Daily Mishap Summary, and it is updated each time a Marine or sailor dies due to an off-base, off-duty, recreational mishap. The most frequent cause of such deaths? Motorcycles. “I’ll be ... Read more

National Institutes Of Health — Cool Research

Circa 2008/09 It might seem that science breakthroughs are all about the first researcher to race through the tape at the finish line, but in reality much of the work is accomplished through team efforts. Different research groups put their heads together, compare data and determine the most productive path to the finish line. ... Read more

Neil Romano — Assistant Secretary of Labor (Part 2)

Circa 2008/09 In Part II of this interview with Assistant Labor Secretary Neil Romano, he continues his conversation with ABILITY Magazine about the coming revolution in the American workforce: People with disabilities are the next great wave, and they bring something special, because they have unique ways of doing their jobs. They have no ... Read more

DRLC — Good News For Vets

Circa 2008/09 Thousands of American veterans are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with physical and mental disabilities. Many face challenges that they never expected. For example, veterans with acquired traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), often find that there are insufficient community-based services available to them. Access to medical care, ... Read more

Managing Pain — Latest Techniques

Circa 2008/09 As we close our series on pain, let’s recap what we’ve covered. Our focus has mainly been on the chronic variety, which may never go away and which permanently disables large numbers of people in our society and around the world. Acute pain, on the other hand, is its opposite, and usually ... Read more

Best Practices — Microsoft

Circa 2008/09 A computer’s accessibility features make it easier to see, hear and use, while allowing for a custom fit, so to speak. Microsoft’s Accessibility Business Unit (ABU) is the go-to department when it comes to making the company’s products more accessible. It also ensures that Windows remains a platform that other companies use ... Read more

Headlines — Best Buddies, Diamonds in the Raw

Circa 2008/09 LAST, BEST After 20 years, the Best Buddies Ball has come to an end. This year the popular fundraiser was the most successful ever, with $3.35 million in ticket sales and auction revenues. Performances by Kenny G and Cirque du Soleil provided the black-tie dinner entertainment for 900 guests, who gathered under ... Read more

Senator Harkin — Updating the ADA

Circa 2008/09 REVISITING THE ADA Dear ABILITY Readers, Recently, the ADA Amendments Act was signed into law, and I was proud to be its chief sponsor. When it is enacted in early 2009, the legislation will allow us to fulfill the original promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act. As you may know, the ... Read more