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Aug/Sept 2010 Articles in the Daryl “Chill” Mitchell Issue; Humor — Laziness is the Key to; Ashley’s Column — ESPY Time!; Timothy & Anthony Shriver — Eunice’s Legacy; ABILITY Facebook Contest — “This is How We Roll”; Augie Nieto — Excerpt from Reciprocity, Incorporated; Dr. Ericha Scott — The Fine Art of Addiction Therapy; Alicia Rojas — Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman; Daryl “Chill” Mitchell — Cool, Calm and Collected; Spinal Cord Injury — Stem Cell Research Gaining Ground; Medicare — Competitive Bidding and Cost Reduction; Anthem Blue Cross — The Patient Safety First Project; It’s Our Story — A New Chapter in Disability Representation; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences.

Anthem Blue Cross — The Patient Safety First Project

Circa 2010 In the first part of this two-part series, ABILITY Magazine examined a unique collaboration among Anthem Blue Cross, California’s hospital associations, and the National Health Foundation (NHF). This alliance, called the Patient Safety First partnership, involves a three-year effort in the following areas: 1. Perinatal Care: Reduction of elective deliveries prior to ... Read more

It’s Our Story — A New Chapter in Disability Representation

Circa 2010 It began as a straightforward History Day project for his son Eric’s high school class. Five years later, the It’s Our Story oral history series continues to consume much of Scott Cooper’s focus, time and resources. Its scope is as wide as its mission is simple: to document, package and promote the ... Read more

Dr. Erica Scott — The Fine Art of Addiction Therapy

A nationally certified counselor who has worked with a variety of patients to combat mental illness and addiction for nearly 24 years, Ericha Scott takes personal pride in helping people become their best possible selves. Her career has seen her adopt many disparate roles, from college professor to art therapist to television host. Scott, ... Read more

Alicia Rojas — Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman

Circa 2010 A painter who uses photography and mixed mediums to express her emotions in the form of self-portraits, Alicia Rojas has been interested in art since she was a young girl. But it was at age 27 that Rojas’ work became more personal and intimate. “I suffered what I’d thought was a mental ... Read more

Medicare — Competitive Bidding and Cost Reduction

Circa 2010 Approximately 47 million Americans who are aged or who have disabilities are beneficiaries of the Medicare program. Seven and a half million of these people are eligible to be recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). But thanks to a new competitive bidding program for suppliers, Medicare beneficiaries who use certain medical ... Read more

ABILITY Facebook Contest — “This is How We Roll”

Circa 2010 I grew up with a group of girlfriends, many of whom have known each other since pre-kindergarten. Some of us met in the sixth grade and have continued to be friends ever since. We have been through a lot together—from my accident that caused my paralysis in 1996 to unfortunate deaths in ... Read more

Timothy & Anthony Shriver — Eunice’s Legacy

Circa 2010 Let me win, But if I cannot win Let me be brave In the attempt. It’s a simple motto. A phrase that, more than 50 years ago, Eunice Kennedy Shriver uttered to kick off the inaugural Special Olympics in Chicago. Today that motto lives on, and so does Shriver’s legacy. Shriver’s tireless ... Read more

Humor — Laziness is the Key to

Circa 2010 Americans are lazy. And you know what? I’d like to argue that laziness is a good thing. Laziness gets us going. It breeds innovation. After all, what do people want? They want something that can make their lives simpler. People will always buy that widget or gizmo that makes their day easier. ... Read more

Ashley’s Column — ESPY Time!

Circa 2010 My life as an athlete doesn’t just mean that I get to race around a track. There are other perks to the job, too. Sometimes I get a chance to dress up and go out in style! This year I was nominated both for an ESPY and for a Teen Choice Award! ... Read more

Spinal Cord Injury — Stem Cell Research Gaining Ground

Circa 2010 To begin understanding stem cells, we must go back to the beginning of a life. When our father’s sperm first mixed with our mother’s egg, we began as only a couple of cells. These cells rapidly divided as basic cells, but soon began changing into more specific cells—cells that would eventually become, ... Read more

Augie Nieto — Excerpt from Reciprocity, Incorporated

Circa 2010 Augie Nieto — Excerpt from Reciprocity, Incorporated ALWAYS BE CLOSING? I started my first business as a sophomore in college, goaded into it by my economics professor. When he gave me a low C on a paper I’d written—a business plan for a health club—I told him I’d open my business and ... Read more

Daryl Chill Mitchell

Aug/Sept 2010 Daryl “Chill” Mitchell is something of a Renaissance Man. His career as an actor, director, producer, writer, musician, public speaker and comedian might strike others as overwhelming, but to Mitchell it’s all part of the game. For years, he enjoyed recurring roles on shows like Veronica’s Closet, Ed, and The John Larroquette ... Read more