Push Girls Issue

Push-Girls ABILITY Magazine cover

Articles in the Push Girls Issue; Senator Harkin — Working for Jobs; Ashley Fiolek — Switched at Conan; Paralympics — Better Than the Olympics?; ABILITY Award — Accenture and Prudential; DRLC — Affordable Health Care Act Benefits; Billie Jean King — Bouncing Back; Joint Replacement — Hard as a Bone; Tourette’s — A Friendly Fil; Geri Jewell — Paper or Plastic; China — Exposing the World; Push Girls — Living Large; Marathon — Horses Help Vets to Heal; John Williams — He’s the Man; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences…

Paper or Plastic

With the bans on single plasticbag use in some of California’s grocery stores, other states will also be following the trend, making it illegal, beginning January 2013, to pack your produce in plastic. Why such drastic measures on the use of plastic bags? It is all in the name of saving the environment, being ... Read more

Switched at Conan

This year I have learned to expect the unexpected with my career. I was asked to be a part of two amazing adventures that I never could have imagined as a professional motocross racer. First, my mom received an email from the casting director of Switched at Birth, who asked if I could stop ... Read more

Joint Replacement — Hard as a Bone

Most people don’t have knee surgery until they reach middle age or beyond, but tennis great Billie Jean King is not most people. Slicing across world-class tennis courts year after year inflicted undue wear and tear on her joints, causing her to undergo the first of many knee surgeries in her early 20s when ... Read more

John Williams — He’s the Man

A featured Business Week columnist and publisher of Assistive Technology News, journalist John M. Williams assures me he’s always accurate in his reporting even though he may not be the quickest. Author John Williams has earned several awards for his achievements in delivering the news to the nation over the past 40 years. His ... Read more

Push Girls — Living Large

It’s happy hour in Los Angeles and cocktails are on the way as four glamorous women discuss sex, overcoming breakups and toasting life—all while being filmed for their own reality TV series called Push Girls. Sound familiar? Not exactly, for this is not a reality spin on Sex and the City, nor does it ... Read more

China — Exposing the World

While advocating awareness and policies for uncommon health conditions has always been of major global interest, the coverage for what the World Health Organization calls rare disease, or orphan disease, has only begun in recent years to receive the attention it deserves. In China, special medical services for these orphan diseases are still limited ... Read more

Billie Jean King — Bouncing Back

From the mid-60s to the mid-70s, professional athlete Billie Jean King dominated women’s tennis. Over the course of a decades-long career, she won a combined 39 Grand Slam titles, including singles, doubles and mixed doubles. In 1973, she triumphed in a famous “Battle of the Sexes” match against Bobby Riggs, himself a former Wimbledon ... Read more