Celeste Thorson Issue

Celeste Thorson Issue

Joshua Miele — Building Technology & Public Awareness for Better Accessibility

Dr. Joshua A. Miele was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship for his accessibility technology that assists blind and low-sighted people to navigate the physical and digital world. According to the MacArthur Fellowship, the award goes to “individuals who show exceptional creativity in their work and the prospect for still more in the future.” Dr. Miele ... Read more

Frank Mallatt’s Critters 4 Service

Frank Mallatt is a multifaceted service dog trainer extraordinaire! “I’ve always had a gift with animals, with my autism, it’s always kind of led me that way.” expressed Frank. Autism wasn’t mentioned to him or even entered his realm of daily thoughts until later on in life. He had quite a unique story and ... Read more

Warner Bros. Discovery Access — Discovering the Talent of Tomorrow

Warner Bros. Discovery Access boasts several programs designed to mentor and develop diverse talent within entertainment. After the recent merger between Warner Media and Discovery, the team and its mission remain, “creating inclusive pathways into the industry”. ABILITY’s George Kaplan spoke to a passionate Grace Moss, VP of Equity + Inclusion Programs at WBD ... Read more

Diana Elizabeth Jordan — In the Spotlight

Actor and self-described “artivist” Diana Elizabeth Jordan is having quite the moment. Her one-woman show, “Happily Ever After”, debuted at the Hollywood Fringe Festival last year. This year, she was selected out of thousands to take part in the WarnerMedia Access Talent Spotlight Program. Jordan, diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 2, which mildly ... Read more

Celeste Thorson — Writer, Producer, Actor and Advocate

Celeste Thorson advocacy spans women’s rights, diversity, environment and disability awareness. She is the ultimate expression of diversity herself. Celeste’s mother is of Lebanese, Spanish, French Huguenot and Apache Mescalero Native American descent. Her father was born in South Korea and was adopted as a young child by the Thorson family in Colorado. On ... Read more

Dane Capo — Art, Dreams and Autism

Dane Capo has long dreamed of data entry and loves to travel. His life took an unexpected turn when is grandmother passed away, leaving him all of her art equipment. Dane and his family discovered his hidden creative talent. He became a painter. Dane likes an array of trailblazers of art, Picasso, Van Gogh, ... Read more

Road Blocks

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition plagued with physical symptoms that seem to come and go. As the disease progresses, the level of disability typically increases. Many symptoms like numbness, fatigue and cognitive difficulties are all but invisible to others. One thing for certain is, nothing for certain. Yesterday I climbed a ladder to fix ... Read more

Athlete Brenna Huckaby Talks Gold Medals, Cancer, and the Paralympics. 

Three-time gold-winning Paralympian Brenna Huckaby went from surviving bone cancer to becoming a world class snowboarder. Huckaby, classified as SB-LL1 snowboarder, found her category phased out from the 2022 Winter Paralympics and took action. In January, she won a court ruling against the International Paralympic Committee, allowing her to compete in SB-LL2 events where ... Read more

Mao Mingrui: Looking into the City through Data

Mao Mingrui He chaired Cloud Innovation Hub at the Information Center, Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning & Design, before moving on to head the Beijing Community Research Center and take on the role of CEO at Beijing City Quadrant Technology Co., Ltd (Urbanxyz.com), a data science start-up he founded in Beijing, China. Mao ... Read more

I Had an Electrifying Time

Moto fans! Is everyone as excited as I am for the outdoor motocross races to be starting? My Saturdays are filled with watching races again….yay! I have been a little busy I went out to San Diego and participated in the Ride Cake International race at the Del Mar Arena. They make super cool ... Read more

Meghan O’Rourke and The Invisible Kingdom

Living with complex chronic health conditions is like living in The Invisible Kingdom, according to Meghan O’Rourke’s new bestseller with the same title. O‘Rourke is a journalist, poet, author and the recipient of numerous awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Radcliffe Fellowship, a Whiting Nonfiction Award, and the May Sarton Poetry Prize, among others. ... Read more

Humor Therapy — Animals Could Have a Beef

Animals are a big part of human life. We love our pets. We go to zoos to observe them. We ride horses. We get milk and cheese from cows. And, of course, we make yummy dishes out of them. They are interwoven into our society. They have even become part of our everyday conversation ... Read more

Celeste Thorson Crossword Puzzle

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