I Had an Electrifying Time

Ashley Fiolek Electric motocross bike

Moto fans! Is everyone as excited as I am for the outdoor motocross races to be starting? My Saturdays are filled with watching races again….yay!

I have been a little busy I went out to San Diego and participated in the Ride Cake International race at the Del Mar Arena. They make super cool electric bikes! Definitely different than riding on a motocross bike. I was a little worried because most of the other girls that were racing have mountain biking background. I have ridden some mountain bike trails, but I was thinking I wouldn?t have the right experience. The racing is a little different too, you don?t really ride like a girls class or anything you ride by divisions and everyone is timed. At the end of the “motos” they just add up the times and see who had the fastest over all. I wound up winning the woman?s class and now there will be a championship race in September—I look forward to seeing everyone again. Those Ride Cake bikes are pretty sick!

I also recently did a moto class in Oregon. I was at a track called Moto 541 it?s a wonderful place and the people that own it are great! I had a really good time and my mom couldn?t make it to interpret, but my friend came with me. We got to enjoy a few breweries and wineries while we were there so that made the trip extra fun for both of us! As usual I had a great time with the students and a lot of fun.

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Now I am headed back down to Florida to watch my little brother graduate! Wow time flies…. I remember I was 13 when my mom told me that she was pregnant with him. I was just starting to get really involved in racing. At first I didn?t want a brother because I thought I would have to stop racing 🙂 haha…luckily that was not the case! My mom told me and my dad we could pick his name because we wanted something related to motocross. We went with Kicker! My mom was like ok, but his middle name is James so when he becomes a doctor he can use James instead haha.

Ashley Fiolek and motocross class

This will just be a short trip because we have to get back home. The last time I was in Florida I didn?t get to go to Saint Augustine so this will be nice. I?m very proud of him he actually got some awards for his ASL accomplishments and received a Seal of Biliteracy! Wow and this is the man that would never sign to me when he was growing up haha…..

I have a couple more events coming up soon so make sure to keep checking my Instagram!


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