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Dr. Julie Buzby — Veterinary and Mental Health Advocate

If you have researched mobility products for an aging K-9 companion, you may have come across Dr. Julie Buzby’s name. What you may not know, is that outside of founding ToeGrips, Dr. Buzby is a staunch advocate for mental health support and awareness within the veterinary professionals community. With a suicide rate 3.5 times ... Read more

Donald Trump’s Eye-Opening Deep Dive Investigator—Ken Block’s Findings of Voter Fraud in 2020

Ken Block is no stranger to processing large data sets. Coming from a computer engineering background, Block runs a software engineering business that has tackled large scale projects like building the first debit card system for food stamps, known as SNAP across various states. Block’s creation of the Moderate Party of Rhode Island in ... Read more

Kevin Nealon — A Hike Best Taken

Before Michael Che and Colin Jost, Kevin Nealon sat at the “Weekend Update” desk of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Multiple replacements (joints) later and at the age of 70, Nealon isn’t sitting or slowing down. He’s hiking. You can find him on YouTube doing just that, while talking to celebrities. When he’s not hiking, ... Read more

50/50 Chance

A 50/50 chance sounds much better when you are at the roulette table than it does when you are on the operating table. Should you carry an umbrella when there is a 50% chance of rain? When I first started using motorcycles to raise awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis 12 years ago, I ... Read more

Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen — “The pleasures we choose”

Known as the Olympics of the Art World, the Venice Biennale is an international contemporary art exhibition held bi-annually in Venice, Italy. Celebrating its 60th iteration this year with the theme Foreigners Everywhere, The Venice Biennale hosts a select few artists from 86 nations to showcase their creations on a prominent world stage. The ... Read more

Interview with Claudio Berther

Claudio Berther is an in-house lawyer with expertise on the intersection of technology and Swiss, European, and American privacy law. He’s also a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, and to his knowledge, the first Swiss national with a disability to become a Fulbright scholar. From 2005 to 2012, he studied public law at the ... Read more

Interview with Hasan Tayem

Hasan Tayem is a blind international runner, assistive technology specialist, consultant, and human rights advocate from Jordan. At 24 years old, he’s also something of a wunderkind. Born blind, he began to use computers at a young age and soon became enamored with assistive technology. His twin passions for sports and advocacy blossomed later, ... Read more

Ashley and Bambi

As usual things have been crazy around here for the last month or so! I had planned on surprising my mom for a late birthday present by meeting my parents and brother in Nashville for the Supercross race. My dad and brother knew I was going to meet them, but my mom had no ... Read more

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