Ashley and Bambi

As usual things have been crazy around here for the last month or so! I had planned on surprising my mom for a late birthday present by meeting my parents and brother in Nashville for the Supercross race. My dad and brother knew I was going to meet them, but my mom had no clue! I was getting myself and my dog, Bambi (an Australian Shepherd) ready to go to make the trip. Bambi was acting very funny and I thought she was just being stubborn and didn’t want to travel. I was almost ready to go and then she just kind of fell over in the kitchen. I brought her to an emergency vet hospital and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. We were there for 7 hours! They really couldn’t figure out what was wrong and they just gave me a bunch of medicine and said it was her back and she would be ok when the medicine kicked in. I decided to continue on with my plans to meet my family and bring Bambi. That night at the hotel I noticed she couldn’t turn to her right side and seemed to have trouble walking. In the hotel she walked right into her food and water bowl and knocked everything down, which is not like her at all!

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I talked to my dad and told him to explain the situation to my mom because I was very upset and just wanted to take care of Bambi and not worry about surprising her. I did some internet research and I was thinking there was a good chance it was a stroke or, possibly worse, a brain tumor! In Nashville we made Bambi as comfortable as possible and my mom and I brought her to another emergency vet. We were there for quite some time and explained what had happened to Bambi. They thought there was a good chance she had a stoke since she couldn’t turn right and was walking in circles. The Neurologist wouldn’t be in until Monday so we had to bring her back Sunday to stay the night to see the Neurologist on Monday morning. Bambi had an MRI done and it was definitely a stroke on her left side, which was actually the best outcome! There is nothing you can do for dogs that have strokes you just have to keep them happy and try and exercise them.

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I am happy to say that Bambi is back to almost 100 percent! I was so scared when all of this happened but I am thrilled now that she is on the healthy road to recovery!

Next week I am headed to Washougal Washington for a photoshoot with Yamaha I will let you know how everything goes!

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