Amy Klobuchar attended a fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of Loraine Sheinberg

Amy KlobucharAmy Klobuchar attended a fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of actress and activist Loraine Sheinberg, best known for her role in “Jaws”.

The event was well attended by close to 200 guests.

Loraine opened the evening welcoming her friend with great fanfare.

Senator Klobuchar talked for almost an hour. She remarked about the various ways the current administration has put the country in peril. She spoke about the struggles in her family with alcoholism and the road to recovery. She shared stories of her talks with those who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. They shared stories of Trump’s self-aggrandizing speech in front of the wall at the CIA to the speech at the Boy Scouts Jamboree and told her how they couldn’t vote again for someone who continues to put themselves before country.

Senator Klobuchar talked about her record of wins going back to the fourth grade with her slogan “Go all the way with Amy K.” Getting applause and laughter from the crowd and showing her Midwest sense of humor.

She wrapped up her remarks on a personal note talking about Paul Wellstone. She uses green for her campaign because that was Paul’s color. At the beginning of his political life he had so much energy and would run around his bus at rallies. Towards the end, he couldn’t run because of his MS. He had so much support from people that believed in him and since they ran around the bus for him, you couldn’t tell he wasn’t able to run. Amy stirred up those in attendance and thanked them for metaphorically around the bus for her.

Jay Leno closed the evening by giving a shout out ‘to the next President of the United States”.

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