Ashley’s Column — Let the Racing Begin!

Circa 2011

My racing season has officially started, so all of my practice and training is behind me, for now. My only focus is on my racing!

The time has really flown since I started practicing for this year. I was involved with the Red Bull commercial, I did a short video skit with Drama (from the MTV show Fantasy Factory), and I’ve done quite a few interviews for different magazines—including the Red Bulletin, which is a Red Bull magazine from Europe that is now being published here in the United States!

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Since my last column, I’ve also done a crazy photo shoot for one of my new sponsors, Cycle Nano. Participating in that shoot was wild and a lot of fun! The owner of Cycle Nano, a guy named Ron, is really great and makes some fantastic cleaning stuff!

In South Carolina, I stayed at a place called ClubMX. It’s a great track, owned by Zach Osbourne, a professional motocross racer, and Brandon Hass. They are great people and so welcoming and fun to be around.

My dad has worked things out so I really don’t have to travel as much this year as I usually do. During my training, I tried to avoid lots of running around and flying so I could focus on being ready for the start of the season. I have changed some of my training programs (it’s a good idea to change some things, every now and again!), and am having fun riding and training again.

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I’ve realized how important it is to keep having fun but to work hard, too. My dad always tells me, “Work hard now and play later!” Since my season has already begun, I am trying to keep doing the same things I’ve been doing for the past three months. In other words, I am trying my best—that’s all I can do!

This year’s racing season started off in California. Now we are headed to Texas. After a short break, I’ll be off to Colorado! As if that weren’t enough, the X-Games are right in the middle of everything! I’m really looking forward to those.

Hope to see you all at the races!

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