Howie Mandel Issue

Howie Mandel Issue Jun/Jul 2011 Articles in the Howie Mandel Issue; Humor — Jockey: A Horse Tale (Pt. 1); 8 Win Win — Tickets to Ride; Ashley’s Column — Let the Racing Begin!; Senator Harkin — Where Are the Jobs?; DRLC — Rescue 411; Bad Boys — United Airlines, H&R Block; Hamill — Bodyslamming a Theater Near You; Frankentongue — How I Licked Tongue Cancer; Paralympics — A Leg Up on the Competition; United Palsy — The Power of Play; Zambia — Advocates for African Children’s Rights; Recipes — Tasty, Cancer-Fighting Dishes; Howie Mandel — Showered with Riches; Dyslexia — Tangled Up in Blues; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences

Howie Mandel Interview

Jun/Jul 2011 Howie Mandel may be fashionably bald now, but as a teenager he brushed his hair in the girl’s bathroom (where we met his future wife), used a blacklight to scour his room for germs, and took thousands of showers, owing to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Today Mandel says his off-kilter adolescence helped pave ... Read more

Where Are the Jobs?

Dear ABILITY readers, Recently, I gave the keynote address at the US Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate Disability Employment Summit in Washington, DC. During my talk, I sounded the alarm on a disturbing trend: more than two thirds of Americans with disabilities are without a job, and adults with disabilities are leaving the labor force ... Read more