Cinderella — A New Spin on an Old Tale

Circa 2011

Editor’s note: In this twist on a beloved fairy tale, taken from an inspiring new book, Cinderella has a new set of challenges, and—ultimately—arrives at a different happily-ever-after. At tihs point in the story, the stepmother and stepsisters are about to leave for the ball…

Finally, the big day arrives. Stepmother hires makeup masters and hotshot celebrity hairstylists for her daughters. As usual, Cinderella is ignored. She relies on her own skills to jazz herself up. Cinderella wheels out of her storage room quite pleased with her look.

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The jaws of the twins drop. Their stomachs turn with vomit. “Do you think you’re a wonder of nature now?” the elder twin taunts.

“You’ll never even walk, let alone dance with the Prince!” the younger twin states.

Ruthlessly, they claw at the butterfly wings of Cinderella’s costume.

“Please stop!” Cinderella cries.

Stepmother rushes to the scene. She, too, is taken aback by Cinderella’s beauty.

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“Don’t worry girls,” Stepmother says. “I’ll take care of the situation.” She runs into Cinderella’s storage room and returns with a sharp jewelry tool. Stepmother glares at Cinderella. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re not going anywhere!”

With that said, she punctures Cinderella’s wheelchair tire.

Stepmother and her daughters laugh, and leave for the Royal costume party arm-in-arm.

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