Peter Farrelly Issue

Peter Farrelly issue

Koalaa — Life Changing Soft Prosthetics

Koalaa designs lightweight and usable prosthetics for people with limb difference. Their goal is to make prosthetics that are affordable, comfortable and readily available. Koalaa’s focus, from its start, has been to find out what people with limb difference really want and need by actually talking to and working with them. ABILITY’s George Kaplan ... Read more

Heather Lavallee — CEO of Voya Financial and Inclusion Advocate

After 15 years of holding multiple roles at Voya Financial Inc. (Voya), including executive sponsor of Voya Cares, Heather Lavallee became CEO on January 1, 2023. ABILITY’s Jennifer Goga spoke with Lavallee to discuss her leadership and Voya’s culture of inclusion. Lavallee shared her personal career journey, discussed the value of mentorship,curiosity and listening ... Read more

Blake Leeper — Medal Winning Sprinter Chasing Down His Dreams

The first time ABILITY spoke with Blake Leeper the multi-medaled Paralympian blade runner and world record holder who was striving to become the world’s fastest man, was early 2016. Since then Leeper has experienced setbacks and challenges yet remains determined to compete. ABILITY’s George Kaplan reconnected with Leeper to catch up on his new ... Read more

Rut Roh! Long Haul Paul’s MS (dirt) Path

Riding  a motorcycle across the country certainly offers many opportunities to experience the potholes riddled across our roads and interstates. I often use these asphalt craters as a metaphor of dealing with the often sudden changes living with a disease such as Multiple Sclerosis can bring. Just as hitting a foot deep black hole ... Read more

Daruma — A Movie Breaking the Inclusion Barrier

In 2019, ABILITY Magazine learned of a concept film that would star two disabled leading men who happen to be friends of ABILITY. Today, our friends, Tobias (Toby) Forrest and John W. Lawson, star in “Daruma,” a masterfully acted and produced film praised by top names in the industry. This independent feature film was ... Read more

Abigail Hawk — Authentic Representation is Long Overdue

Abigail Hawk, known for her roles in “Blue Bloods”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and Distemper recently appeared in the new independent film, “Daruma.” Hawk plays Anna who is a supporting role to two authentically cast disabled leading men. Tobias (Toby) Forrest plays “Patrick”, a paraplegic, and John Lawson plays the grouchy neighbor ... Read more

Ashley Fiolek — Is 32 old?

It has been crazy for me the last few months. I qualified for the Loretta Lynn National championship so I’m very excited about that! My last time racing there was in 2006 so it should be pretty fun to come back and do it all again. I will be racing on my stock 125 ... Read more

There’s Something About Peter — Interview with Peter Farrelly

Known for his cinematic hits such as “Dumb and Dumber,” “There’s Something About Mary,” and the Oscar-winning “Green Book,” Farrelly has consistently transcended the status quo by authentically representing people with disabilities in his films. His commitment to inclusivity not only reflects the realities of life but also enriches his work by offering audiences ... Read more

The Accessible Revolution: Vashkar Bhattacharjee and the Birth of an Inclusive Digital Bangladesh

Perhaps no other person has done more to build an inclusive digital Bangladesh than Vashkar Bhattacharjee. Working directly with the Aspire to Innovate (a2i) program, initiated by the Prime Minister’s Office, as a national consultant for the Digital Bangladesh Initiative, Vashkar spearheaded a massive overhaul of the country’s sprawling digital infrastructure. “Our government runs ... Read more

We Cured 1,000 Ableist YouTubers of Their Chronic Ableism

Hey guys! The unfortunate truth is that every day thousands of viral YouTubers are living with chronic ableism. While ableism is extremely preventable — and even curable if caught early — many YouTubers lack the education and common sense necessary to realize they are living with this terrible affliction. After seeing Mr. Beast’s “I ... Read more

Peter Farrelly Issue — Crossword Puzzle

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