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My mom has been coming to Michigan to visit my grandma who is sick. So, it has been nice to see her more often since I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan now. I made her drive down to Florida with me for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I would not have to drive alone! We made a couple of stops on our road-trip to Florida. First, we stopped in Lexington to hang out there for the night. 

Next was Asheville for my friend’s birthday party. My dad flew into Asheville to celebrate my parents’ anniversary, and then we all drove home together. I went to Florida for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I can be with my family. I had an amazing time with everyone. We went on mini adventures and had a few parties at my parents’ house. After Thanksgiving, my brother and I decided to buy tickets for the Detroit Lions vs. Saints in New Orleans, and we drove to New Orleans together with his girlfriend too. We had a blast in New Orleans, and it was my very first NFL football game! I got to witness Lions win the game, too. One of the best experiences ever. We went to Universal’s Cabana Bay for my brother’s birthday in Orlando, and that was a blast! 

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We got to hit a couple of new bars in Florida with my parents. We even had steamed oysters one night with our friends where we just shucked the oysters and hung out. It was beautiful weather and we had a fire outdoors with my amazing Smudgepot!  We always do that whenever I’m in town and catch up with everyone. My parents and I made an impulsive trip to Miami just to hit a couple of breweries and restaurants. That was fun too! I didn’t realize how much we’ve done in one month from Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I have been watching Supercross with my friends and family too it has been a very exciting series so far, and I can’t wait to start riding again when it is warmer!

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