Jamie Brewer - American Horror Story Issue


Articles in the Jamie Brewer Issue; Ashley Fiolek — Sushi Break!; Humor — Part Deux; Matt Lees — One Handed Golf; Marriott — Bridges; Geri Jewell — Scrapbook Miracle; China — A Fine Line: ART; Haiti — Disability Agenda; Long Haul Paul — Riding for the Masses; Special Olympics — Leaders; Jamie Brewer — American Horror Story; Balancing Life, Work and Disability; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences.

Jamie Brewer – American Horror Story

Recently, actress Jamie Brewer welcomed ABILITY’s contributing writer David S. Zimmerman into a sunny and peaceful backyard. Tucked away in a Hollywood, CA, enclave, the two spoke about her part as a clairvoyant witch on the megahit TV show, American Horror Story; her leadership of an important nonprofit organization, and her ultimate dream role. ... Read more

EARN – Balancing Act

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by a seemingly endless to-do list both at work and at home? Perhaps you’re tackling these tasks with a physical or mental impairment? You’re not alone. Finding a balance between work and the rest of your life isn’t easy, and having a disability can make it even more ... Read more

Special Olympics – Leaders

A few years shy of its 50th birthday, Special Olympics is launching a new youth-oriented strategy and marketing campaign that will shape the inclusive sports organization for its next 50 years. Most people know Special Olympics as the organization that provides training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults ... Read more

Riding for the Masses

Being asked to give a presentation 2000 miles away from my home in New Hampshire at the Iron Butt Association’s National Conference was the perfect excuse for a road trip. I took the long way to Denver to attend the biannual meeting of long distance motorcycle enthusiasts from around the globe. I thought it ... Read more

Haiti – Disability Agenda

Since October of 2011, James English has served as an advisor to Gerald Oriol, Jr., Haiti’s Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities. In October 2012, English traveled to Haiti for the one-year anniversary of Oriol’s appointment. He documented that visit for ABILITY Magazine, which ran the piece in conjunction with ... Read more

Scrapbook Miracle

As most of us have learned, there are pros and cons to Facebook (FB). But then again, there are pros and cons to everything under the sun. There are even plusses and minuses to the sun itself. Sure, it gives us warmth, light and Vitamin D, but if we don’t make wise choices that ... Read more

Richard Marriott — Bridges

The Marriott Foundation’s Bridges – from School to Work program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The famous hotel chain’s altruistic wing was inspired, in part, by the late Stephen Garth Marriott, the founder’s grandson. He was diagnosed with a terminal degenerative disease as a teenager, yet went on to enjoy a successful career. The ... Read more

Part Deux

In the 15th century, medieval knights hung up their lances and suits of armor in their castle closets. Chivalry was dead and the Renaissance was born. It spread with great speed from its birthplace in Florence, Italy to the rest of Europe. Every region seemed to have its own take on humanism as there ... Read more

Sushi Break!

In the last issue I mentioned that I started a new gig with the Marvel Universe LIVE! show. I play a Hydra Agent and get to ride an electric bike and do stunts. After a while, I got bored with just having one part in the show, and besides that it was all the ... Read more

China – A Fine Line: Art

In countries around the world, art work by people with mental illness has developed into a business over the years. But as Haiping Guo sought to bring about China’s first art center featuring the works of this population, he faced great difficulties because of the stigma surrounding mental illness within the country. Born in ... Read more

Lees – One Handed Golf

Got a good swing with two hands? Try it with one. Golf has been a progressive experience for Matt Lees, just as it is for most people who play the game. There was no ah-ha moment for Lees when his scores dropped dramatically. But the patience he has shown—and consistent improvement—since he was 11 ... Read more