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Articles in the Ed Asner Issue; VOICEYE — It’s Free, Try It; Ashley Fiolek — Road Trippin’; Humor — Shrink on Wheels; Geri Jewell — Farewell, Kitty; China’s — Boxer with CP; Long Haul Paul — No Matter What; Jenni-Juulia — Finland’s Naked Truth; Temple Grandin — Getting the Job Done; James Durbin — Rock Idol; Book Excerpt — Love is Not Enough; Cornell — A Green Message ; Alika — Crippled Pretty; Ed Asner — Chewin’ Avocados; Attitude Live — Progressive New Zealand; W4A Award Winners — Neil Soiffer, Dr. Volker Sorge & Ather Sharif ; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences.

Ed Asner — Chewin’ Avocados

[Our team truly was delighted by Ed Asner. From the moment he greeted us to the when we said our goodbyes, he was a ball of positive energy. You will be missed — 1929-2021] Interview 2015 Ed Asner has played the hard-nosed, but softhearted TV producer, Lou Grant, in four different series: Mary Tyler ... Read more

Raising Our Web Standards

TPG Accessibility Challenge Delegates Award at the 12th Web for All Conference In today’s world of technological advancements and digitization, nearly every resource uses the Web as a base platform, including education, research, entertainment, health and daily life. Staying connected is of pressing importance, so the Web needs to benefit and be accessible to ... Read more

Making Science Accessible

Best Paper Award at the 12th Web for all Conference Consider two images: In one, three kittens look towards the camera, and in the other there’s a diagram of the molecules in a single aspirin. The former shows three fluffy cuties with eyes and noses, the latter only black characters and lines on a ... Read more

Shrink on Wheels

The interaction of human beings has always fascinated me. It’s funny to watch the reactions of some people when they meet someone who’s disabled. Most of the time, people are normal, but there’s always a few that seem a little uneasy. Sometimes, it’s hard to get direct eye contact from them. Maybe they think, ... Read more

Math Software Empowers Students of All Abilities

TPG Accessiblity Challenge Judges Award at the 12th Web for All Conference Our economy increasingly depends on technology. So many of the best-paying jobs in the coming years will be in that arena. In fact, there were 6.2 million scientists and engineers in the US in 2012, according to the Federation of American Scientists. ... Read more

Attitude Live — Progressive in New Zealand

Dan Buckingham always knew he wanted a life outside of the ordinary, but he never imagined the route he would take to get there. Dan is a 34-year-old digital producer of AttitudeLive, a Paralympian and a world traveller. He’s played wheelchair rugby from Australia to Athens, and won a gold medal along the way. ... Read more

Alika — Crippled Pretty

Toni Alika Hickman has gotten good at telling death to take a hike. In 2004, she survived a brain aneurysm at 27, only to face a second one and a stroke just three years later. “I’d never heard of a brain aneurysm,” says Hickman, who headlined the YoungStroke 2015 in Jacksonville, FL, in June. ... Read more

Case for Green Jobs

The percentage of total employment associated with green goods and services has increased in the United States over the past several years, presenting employment opportunities in a number of related emerging fields. Green-economy jobs hold promise for people with disabilities, and inclusion practices would also improve the outlook in this growing sector. An increase ... Read more

Love is Not Enough — Book Excerpt

A Mother’s Memoir of Autism, Madness and Hope Help Me! Can anyone help me? Get me out of here! I go to the light switch by the door again. I switch the overhead light on and off, my only way to communicate with the outside world. I let it shine for three short seconds, ... Read more

Farewell Kitty

My sweet kitty, Harry, is in process of transitioning with cancer. By the time you read this, he’ll likely have crossed over to the other side, free of pain and suffering, and onto cavorting with all my other kitties who have crossed over during my lifetime—far too many to mention here. No matter how ... Read more

Temple Grandin — Getting the Job Done

Temple Grandin, PhD, took the stage as the special guest of honor at a recent Los Angeles benefit for Autism Works Now. She’s an extraordinary author, professor, animal expert and speaker. Also on the bill: actor Ed Asner, whose son and grandson have autism. A multi-Emmy award-winner, he works as a tireless advocate for ... Read more

James Durbin — Rock Idol

At the recent Temple Grandin and Friends benefit for Autism Works Now, former American Idol contestant James Durbin lent his time and considerable music talent to the proceedings. Backstage, he spoke with ABILITY’s Stan Hoskins about finding his way into the music business, after being diagnosed with two challenging conditions at a young age. ... Read more

Jennie Juulia — Finland’s Naked Truth

When I first speak with artist and activist Jenni-Juulia Walinheimo-Heimonen in her native Finland, she has a small admission to make: “When we set this up, I forgot it was my wedding anniversary!” When I suggest we reschedule, she says no, that she and her husband have already spent a lovely day together. Walinheimo- ... Read more

No Matter What

It was a simple text, yet it was the start of a life-changing experience. “Hey Paul, do you want to speak in Anchorage or Fairbanks?” I’d been receiving invitations to speak at events in California as part of a West Coast tour this past June, but riding my bike to Alaska had been on ... Read more

Boxer with CP

Born in 1985 in Tianjin, China, Wang Qiang is China’s first and only professional boxer with cerebral palsy (CP). His life, he says, began in the boxing ring with days of rigorous training, competitions, and a multitude of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Although it took years to achieve, his dream of being a great Chinese ... Read more

Road Trippin’

Whew, I have been super busy with my Ashley Fiolek MX School. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to teach at first, but it’s been fantastic. I also find it inspirational to work with so many different people who, like me, are excited to ride. My friend, Ryan, and I decided to load up ... Read more