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Articles in the Geri Jewell Issue; Ashley Fiolek — When CNN Came Calling; Sen. Harkin — Education Determines Income; George Covington — Introducing Dan Quayle; Accesible Taxis — Several Cities Get New Wheels; Of Two Minds — Film Probes Bipolar Disorder; Book Excerpt — Silent Voices; CHIME — A Charter School With Its Thinking Cap On; Libya — Cleaning Up Explosive Remnants of War; China — ABILITY and China Press Join Forces; Geri Jewell — The Cracks of Life; Transitions — Aging With Cerebral Palsy; Heart Care — Expert Advice From a Surgeon; Disability Rights Legal Center — The Health Care Act; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences

China – ABILITY and China Press Join Forces

Recently ABILITY’s Chet Cooper traveled to Beijing to build a relationship with China Press for People with Disabilities. In the coming months, the partnership will result in an exchange of articles, art and ideas between the two countries. Our magazine will include stories from their organization, while their publications will feature stories produced by ... Read more

CHIME – a Charter School with it’s Thinking Cap On

Recently, Alejandra Delaporte of ABILITY’s operation in South America visited CHIME, a charter school in California’s San Fernando Valley that promises quality education for all. She spoke with Annie Cox, the executive director of Early Education Programs, and Erin Studer, executive director of Charter School Programs. Alejandra Delaporte: Tell me a bit about how CHIME ... Read more

Introducing Dan Quayle

Everybody in the White House has a sandbox, including the offices of the president and the vice president. Between 1989 and 1993, I served Vice President Dan Quayle as special assistant on disability policy. Thus, my sandbox was the first to have the sign that read “Disability Policy.” Others included “Domestic Policy,” “Foreign Policy,” ... Read more

Education Determines Income

 Accessible Classrooms Level the Playing Field Recently I chaired a Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee hearing on the promise of accessible technology and its challenges and opportunities. It was the latest in a series of hearings convened since last year to explore issues that impact the employment prospects of Americans with disabilities. ... Read more

Disability Rights Legal Center – The Health Care Act

A central tenet to our work in championing the rights of people with disabilities includes promoting access to adequate, affordable healthcare for those with health conditions, including pre-existing ones such as cancer. In accordance with this mission, the DRLC recently submitted an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court in support of the Patient ... Read more

Libya – Cleaning Up the Explosive Remnants of War

Clearing Libya of Landmines & Other Dangerous Explosives Younis Saleh Alzway and his family were among the majority of civilians who fled their homes in the northeastern city of Ajdabiya when the Libyan revolution began more than a year ago. They returned months later, after forces loyal to Libya’s longtime autocrat, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, ... Read more

Heart Care – Expert Advice From a Surgeon

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the US, with one in four deaths attributed to it. The culprit, generally, is coronary artery disease, in which plaque builds up in your arteries, blocking blood supply to this most vital organ. It can cause heart attack, heart failure ... Read more

Transitions – Aging with Cerebral Palsy

At 57, I am now entering yet another phase as I age with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, a fixed neurological condition affecting, in my case, mobility. More and more, I am experiencing the irritating, annoying and most assuredly painful implications of this lifelong condition. I am still uprightly mobile, much to the consternation of ... Read more

Silent Voices – by Debbie Nau Redmond

In June 1980, Ricky left for the navy. I was happy for my big brother, but I was really going to miss the times we hung out together. Ricky, Charlie, Bruce and I, the youngest of eight siblings, were all close as kids and did everything together. We supported each other through sports, school ... Read more

Accessible Taxis – Several Cities Get New Wheels

Transportation in New York City is due to be overhauled with the introduction of MV-1 accessible cabs in the coming months.Made by the South Florida-based Vehicle Production Group (VPG) and assembled in Indiana, the taxis will be rolled out in such metro areas as Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta and Toronto after making their debut ... Read more

Of Two Minds – Film Probes Bipolar Disorder

Of Two Minds is an intimate documentary about people living and struggling with bipolar disorder, and ultimately making peace with it. The movie is the work of married filmmakers Lisa Klein and Doug Blush, who took more than three years to complete the project; it will be shown at festivals around the country throughout ... Read more

The Cracks of Life – Geri Jewell

It was more than 20 years ago that Chet Cooper and actress Geri Jewell first met at her home in Southern California, when he went to interview her for this magazine. They reconnected recently at an assistive technology conference in San Diego, where she was the keynote speaker. Later, over dinner, she talked about ... Read more

When CNN Came Calling

I was recently featured on two different CNN shows: Breakthrough Women and Road Warriors. If someone has a request for me to do a photo shoot, a video or some kind of press, it usually goes through my mom. Red Bull, Honda and all of my big sponsors know to contact either mom or dad, ... Read more