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Fall is rapidly approaching and I must say I am looking forward to it! It has been a long hot summer for me riding outside as I got ready for the Loretta Lynn?s Amateur Nationals. My family and friends were all there with me for the week when I raced. We had a lot of fun and got to see some great racing. My dad was with me already as he was helping me out with my bike but my mom flew in from Florida to be with us and my brother and his girlfriend drove up from Pensacola. We all just stayed in the motorhome for the week and had some tents set up outside. Some of my friends also came to cheer me and offer my moral support.

I haven?t raced in ten years so my whole goal of competing in this race was mostly just to make it in! Everything is broken up into region?s as to how you qualify for this huge race. First you have to make it into an area qualifier (the number they take depends on where the area qualifier is held) If you make it into the area qualifier then you move on to the regional. If you qualify in the regional you move on the Loretta Lynns National race. I was just super happy to make it since it has been so long since I raced. I still rode, but I literally had not raced in 10 years!! Once I knew I was going I was kind of hoping for a top 15 overall. I didn?t want to get my hopes up too much since I was riding a 125 and most of the girls were on 250?s! I did train pretty hard for an old woman hahaha….

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I didn?t know what to expect until after my first moto, I got 7th my first moto and I was pretty stoked! I was the only 125 under the tent! Then the rain started to come ugh, it rained and rained and rained! My second race got delayed and kept getting pushed later and later and we were suppose to ride early. We finally wound up being the next to last race, I got 10th place and was pretty happy with that! Well the rain just kept coming everything was flooded and all the races were delayed it was quite a mess. I was suppose to race at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday, but didn?t race until 3pm!

The track was a mess, but I just wanted to go out and have fun! I fell one time because it was so slippery and then someone ran into me! Oops…. I was next to last, but just kept going. I wound up making it up to 16th place, not great, but I was proud of myself! At the end of the day I wound up getting an overall of 9th place. I?m glad I did the race and I was proud of what I accomplished!

Last weekend I went to PA with some friends there was an event there called ‘Over and Out Moto’. It was so much fun, it was girls only. We rode on trails and camped and had a great time, it is for women of all different skill levels. Now me and Bambi (my dog) are just taking it easy. We just moved to Michigan and I?m looking forward to chilling and going to some cider mills

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