Eileen Grubba Issue

Eileen Grubba issue

Eileen Grubba – Feisty, Fun, Fabulous

If Eileen Grubba’s name isn’t familiar, there’s a reason. She’s built a strong television career playing edgy characters in shows like Game of Silence, Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist and HBO’s Hung, plus others. Her thespian roots stretch back to Atlanta and New York, where she acted in musicals, plays, commercials and independent films. ... Read more

The Milkshake Jones

The other day, I had a hankering for a vanilla shake. I don’t know why it was in my head, but I have a hunch that some mug of vanilla ice cream with whip cream popped up on some commercial, in between some mindless show I was watching, then got stuck in my subconscious ... Read more


“Excuse me, sir, please do not touch that motorcycle.” The afternoon security guard rounded the corner with his hand perched over the holster of his two-way radio. I giggled like a preschooler, knowing my DNA was probably on every single nut and bolt of the crusted sculpture. “It’s OK, we have been quite intimate.” ... Read more

Guan Xiaolei – Freedom Through Art

Although many people come and go from the Guangzhou Youth Club on weekends, there is something catching everyone’s attention: a very special exhibition. At the end of one its corridors, hangs a collection of vivid paintings showcased against a backdrop of Time magazine covers. Each canvas exudes unfettered creativity. When sunlight lands on the ... Read more

Andy Erikson – One Funny Unicorn

Comedian Andy Erikson exudes sparkle. She’s quirky and giggly, with a mane of dark hair and smiley eyes, but her material, which she writes herself, belies a witty, nuanced mind. Here’s a cheat sheet on her: she was a popular contestant on the TV show, Last Comic Standing, guest starred on the TV series, ... Read more

Hurricanes, Fires and Earthquakes. Oh My

Lately, it seems as though hurricanes, fires and earthquakes are happening simultaneously around the world. It’s as if Mother Nature has a serious bone to pick with us, and has unleashed her fury. Some say it’s the Lord’s way of punishing us for doing wrong or, as one well-known celebrity put it, “God sends ... Read more

World Bank – Film Screening at the United Nations

At the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in June, ABILITY Magazine, ABILITY Corps and the World Bank co-hosted a panel and two film screenings. The attendees were shown two short films, A Different Approach, about the advantages of hiring people with disabilities, and a film by panelist James Sullivan ... Read more

Steve Rohr – Inclusive Communicator

On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon ABILITY met with Steve Rohr. He showed up with a very welcomed ball of positive energy. Rohr mastered communications at school and continues to master it in life as he navigates through the world of diversity, a historically resisted topic. “I looked at the world, and I never wanted ... Read more

Marsha Malamet – Music Legend

On a warm summer day, ABILITY’s Geri Jewell and David Zimmerman arrived at songwriter Marsha Malamet’s quaint bungalow, which boasts a view of the world-famous Hollywood sign. The host and her tail-wagging pups, MacDougal and Mikey, greeted them. As they settled in, Zimmerman pulled out his notes for the interview as if he’d been ... Read more

Focus Group — A Candid Look at Disability Inclusion

“There are no right or wrong answers. You’re here to represent all of the people who may think like you.” A focus group facilitator reassured a group of Hollywood insiders who are casting agents, writers and film-festival programmers. The nonprofit organization, RespectAbility, formed the focus group to try to better understand why people with ... Read more