Ashely Fiolek is on the move

HotspringsHappy Summer everyone! Well not really yet, but it finally feels like summer at least here in Florida. Just watched the outdoor round of Moto at Pala Raceway out in California, so excited the outdoor races have started again it looks like it will be a heated series, I’m really looking forward to watching all of the rounds.

My life has taken another turn and I will be moving out to Utah for a bit and maybe even longer. I’m excited and not excited at the same time, you know that feeling? Lindsey, my wife, has started working with her brother in wood finishing. It is something that she is really getting into and her brother’s boss wound up hiring her, he even started to learn ASL so he can talk to her so that is pretty cool! She will have to get some experience before she can do this type of work on her own so we decided to pack up our travel trailer and head out to Utah. We may wind up buying a house out there but we want a chance to try and see where we would move to.

We came home to Saint Augustine for 2 weeks to pack and say goodbye to our friends and family so now you know why I’m excited and not excited. I will miss everyone, but I’m also ready for a new adventure in my life. We were really busy in those two weeks because we had to shut down the tiny house, pack up and get the travel trailer ready and try and find time to see all of our friends and family to say goodbye. We are driving right now it has been slow with the trailer and we brought our Australian Shepherd, Bambi, with us so we have to let her out along the way. Of course when you travel things don’t always go smoothly and we were about 5 hours into our trip and a trailer tire blew well completely shredded up! We had to put on the spare and drive to Walmart to get two new tires! We were lucky that we were ok and the damage was minimal.

We met up with some family in Utah over the Memorial day weekend and did some mountain biking and hit the hot springs. It was a lot of fun I had never been in the hot springs so very exciting for me.Shredded tire

We will be staying at an Airbnb campground because all of the regular campgrounds nearby are completely full. I guess everyone camps in Utah in the summer time? I’m thinking it will be a good time, kind of like when I travel for my Motocross schools and we are in the trailer with Bambi too, so same thing.

I won’t be doing my East coast classes this summer since I wasn’t sure where I would be. I will be doing some smaller classes close by. I have one in Utah coming up next month so at least I will still get in some riding time!

Time for me to pack up the trailer again now I am headed home, well new home! Hope to see you guys at some tracks out in Utah!

afmxschool.comFlyer about Ashley's motocross classes with image of Ashley popping a wheelie.

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